The moon is starting to set. In between steps, I turn back into a human girl, tall and slender with raven hair and turquoise eyes. I turn to Mason, who's still in wolf form. His emerald eyes bore into me as he lifts up his back left paw.
"What happened?"
He rolls his eyes, telling me that he doesn't watch his back like he's supposed to, that's my job when we have to leave.
"Sorry," I say as I sit down on the cold ground beside him and grab his paw. There's a long, sharp piece of bone stuck in his paw.
"Don't look."
Mason turns away his brindle head and buries his head in a small pile of leaves at the base of a tree. I grit my teeth together and pull it out. Mason growls sharply to cover up a yelp. I toss the thin bone away, knowing its a remainder of one of the wolves that we were staying with. When I turn back around, Mason is kneeling at the base of the towering oak in human form, watching as the wound in his foot heals. He looks almost exactly like me, but with emerald eyes and red-brown hair.
"So now where do we go?" I ask as I start climbing the oak to get a better view of the surrounding area.
Mason shrugs and slowly stands. "Not sure. Something bad seems to happen everywhere we go."
I laugh harshly as I reach for another branch. "I think that was the understatement of the day. Almost the whole pack was wiped out because of us. And I actually liked a few of them."
Mason laughs and looks around from his viewpoint. "You only liked Craze-o because he wanted to mate with you and you liked the attention.
"I liked Rizzo," I gently correct. "Because he understood what we were and accepted us for it."
Mason laughs, then tenses up and smells the air. "Smell that?"
I close my eyes and inhale. "Something dead is coming our way."
Mason walks to the center of the small ring and stands there, taking the physical stance of claiming the territory. I hear the crunching of leaves and leap down in front of a very surprised man carrying a female body.
"Can we help you?" I ask in my alpha voice.
The man bares fangs at me. "This is vampire land, not for mutts like you."
Mason walks up behind me and glares at the vampire. "It's our land now."
The vampire glares at me and Mason, and then something strange happens.
"Drake, why can't you share?" asks a pale silhouette of the woman in Drake's arms.
Drake turns around. "Liza?" He tries to hug her, but slips through her and stumbles.
Liza frowns. "I thought now that you could see me, you'd be able to touch me."
"She's not strong enough yet," says Mason. "She will be after you bury her body."
Liza walks to where Drake dropped her body in the red-orange leaves and lets her hand hover over the corpse for a second, and her hand seems solid. "Bury it. I don't need to be reminded of when I couldn't move."
Liza stands up and looks at me, her grey-blue eyes the most vivid part of her body. I have a feeling Liza and I will get along very well.

The End

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