Chapter 7: Turning Point Has Been Taken for OpportunityMature

I sat paralyzed, curled in a ball. I wasn’t crying, I was too stunned.

Silence had never been louder than this moment. Everything around me was so much faster, yet my whole body was tampered and slow I felt as if I even flench sluggishly.

Abby broke the silence, “ you see why I fight with you? Why I envy you so much?”

Abby envys me? She hated me because she lost a real relationship because he left her for me…I know I would usually be bragging but with Tyler is was just unbearable. He was amazing as he was to me, for Abby it must of have been total shitty hell. If it was bad for me to watch Tyler die, and for all the conflicts involving his family with me, and Abby witness it, knowing a real man who she loved and he loved her back, but he left her for her selfish sister.

Still stunned and very timidly I apologize to Abby. “I didn’t know. I didn’t know how much we loved him. Abby, I’m so sorry, but tonight you don’t have to worry about me anymore.”

“Why?” she asks glancing at the rearview mirror to see me in my still ball.

“I’m going away.” I answer.                                                             

“Elaborate!” Julia exclaimed frantic.

“I don’t know myself. Either away and living off with another one, or dea—”

The van completely tripped to the left side.

After a minute of terrifying screams I was on the side of the van and Abby and Julia on their sides, still belted down in their seats. My heart ramming against my chest and the van door slides open, letting light poor in. Above me was a small figure and she was beautiful and recongizable.

“Destiny!” I exclaim. She was dressed in her dark grey sweat pants, her black tank top, and her black leather jacket, still bare footed and her long blonde hair still stringy.

“I came here to warn you, Rose.” She said landing beside me in the van. “Kendall plans on giving you a riddle, on top of riddle of how you could find Alexander. He didn’t trust me enough to give me all the information so I’m telling you all I know. He has hurt Alexander, he is in pain, you need to save him now before Kendall finds you at twilight and the game has begun.” Her voice concerned, not how I met her. Her impression on me was a tough-as-stone girl who was very wise.

“If I may ask Destiny, why are you telling me this? I thought you didn’t favor me when we met.” I curiously asked.

“I did like you, I still do, but Alexander kept going on and on about how you have made him happy and how Kendall was just itching at his skin. I care more about Alexander than Kendall because Alexander took care of me when I was youngling, and now Kendall wants to hurt Alexander and you, the only girl I have ever really wanted to befiend.” She explained almost in tears. I got to my knees and hugged her. Perfect heigh and her head rested perfectly on my shoulder.

“Destiny,” I say. “We are going to get Alexander, but we need more than just us, alright? We need to get our friend Cameron so he can help us, k?” I say.

She nodded. Then she hovered out of the van and fixed it side up, got back in the van beside me and apologized for the stratle she gave up.

Getting out of the dented side door, I was wondering what mom and dad was gonna say. Shit!

I asked Cameron for a huge favor to be out with us really, really late, and he, of course, agreed, and then we had to explain everything over again, but we needed to get to my room, where Kendall will surely be waiting.

Shock and even passed out when we explained everything about the vampires, the situation and the game tonight.

“How the fuck is this even possible?” he complained since he refused to just accept the fact.

“It is what it is!” Julia shouted.

“Can this piece of honking metal go faster?” Destiny urged.

“If we go any faster the—” a thud interuppted her and the van tilted on the hood of the van. “..the suspension will break.”

Without accepting anymore bullshit that could possibly happen, I glanced at the clock, 7:40. I asked Destiny; “What time was Kendall planning on starting this game?”

“When the sun has been down for three hours.” She answered. That’s eleven o’clock. If we run it shouldn’t be a problem but to explain what happened to the van to my parents, but that’s not important now. I got out of the crumbled van, and began running.

“Rose! You won’t make it!” Abby shouted.

“It’s better than nothing!” I shouted back. I wasn’t going to lose another love. Suddenly a whack pushed me to my side and next thing I new I was in the arms of Kendall.

The End

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