Chapter 6: Advantage Turning Point (You’ll Get it In Chapter 7) And Yes This Is The Chapter TitleMature

Biting on my nails I sat nervously on my bed in my squared black underwear and a huge Motley Crue shirt.

What was going to happen next? What am I going to be revealed to? How the hell am I going to cope with it? Oh, god! I’m losing my mind.

I feel Alexander’s hands clutch my arms below my shoulders behind me. I can tell because I know how he grips me, not like Kendall.

He speaks into my ear still behind me clutching my arms. I sat shaking, trembling as he said, “Rose, I’m not sure what Kendall plans to do with us. This maybe the last night you and I will be at peace. I’m sorry I brought you into my disgusting world.”

I felt his hands loosening grip on my arms and I spun around and pushed my lips to his. I was on my knees and my arms wrapped around his neck. The smooch took him aback then I whispered in his ear, “Please, please, I don’t any regrets if we end up dead tomorrow.”

“I’m not going to disrespect you Rose.” He whispered back.

I let tears drip from my eyes and I can he felt them land on his shoulder because he fliched just a little. “Please, I wouldn’t do it, if it wasn’t someone so special to me.”


“Alexander,” I pleaded. “Don’t make me miss out on something I will never have again.”

“Which is?” he asked.

“To love you, the most important person to me right here, right now.” I confess.

His fingers led my chin to his lips and we met.

The moisture was so pure and his tongue danced with mine. His arms clung to my lower back and when our lips parted so a slight second, using vampiric speed he turned us to the head of the bed and he was engulfing me into his being. I was under him and his lips explored to my jaw line, then my neck and collar bone. His tongue licked to my ear and to hear his animal breath and the coolness of it brush against my skin. As his lips glid to my mouth his tongue and mine collided. His hands brought up my shirt, his hands skated on my torso, then a slow heavy grind I felt between my hips. I grabbed a handful of his black hair and pulled him to my lips again. His tongue tasting my skin, and a gentle suckage on my left breast, the grind escalated harder and slightly faster. Nibbling on his lobe, his hands journeying up my thigh to the rim on my underwear, his finger slowly hooked it and brought it down. I picnhed up his shirt and ripped it off his torso, causing him to arch and sit up. Kissing and biting his collar bone I got to my knees, Alexander pushing me against the wall, his hot breath shivered me, my legs wrapped around his lower back, he grinded and pushed me further against the wall. My arms hung over his shoulder and held his head close to me. His hands caressing my face, I melted right into my beloved Alexander.






In the break of dawn, Alexander caressed my jaw line and woke me with a gentle warm kiss on the corner of my lips. The sun barely over the horizon, painted the sky dark blue fading to purple then pink then a gentle orange. I blinked slowly and smiled. Our lips stuck slightly, like they didn’t want to let go either.

Alexander’s expression hardened with seriousness. “Rose, tonight, I know for a fact Kendall will put his game in action. Be careful, you have until dusk until it begins. If I somehow stop him before that time I will come here tonight. Understood?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

He grinned then pecked another kiss on my lips. We laid here in my bed and I loved it. “Rose, I will love you until I die.”

“Thought vampires have enternal life.” I whispered.

He grinned, “Exactly.”

I smiled bright. Probably the biggest teethy smile I have ever had. I felt my neck with my cool palm…not a single bite mark…except the four hickies, three on my neck and one on my breast. I realize how difficult it must have been for Alexander not to sink his fangs into me, I like how strong-willed he is.


When it was eleven, very close to afternoon I decided to gather Julia and explain to her I will need her help. I need someone who I can fully trust. I go down stairs after getting dressed in a white slim fitting long-sleeve shirt that was a mid-drift, and black skinny jeans with red and white lazy shoes (flip-flops), I went down stairs in a frenzy and looked mom and dad in the eye saying, “Can I have a sleep over with Julia?”

Dad looked up from his newspaper and said, “Sure, here, or there?”



“Like we can get her now!” I say enthusically.


“I miss her, and I think you should be proud I have a girl friend within the half month we’ve been here.”

“Alright, take the van keys, also take your sister with you.” Mom slipped in.

“Uh hmm.” I cough. “A, B conversation so C your way out.”

“You’re such a smartass.” Mom cracked jokingly.

Oh how I’ll miss them.

“Your mother’s right, take your sister, she has more experience in a car than you.” Dad agreed.

“Yea as in sex.” I murmer.

“Speaking of ‘sex’, how did you get all those hickies?” mom targetted my neck.

“Abigail tried to choke me.”

“Lies!” she yelled coming down the stairs.

Oh shit.

“I didn’t lay a damn finger on her, besides slapping her upside her head yesterday.” Abby argued.

Double shit.

“What guy would I fuck?” I asked snappy.

“That Cameron or Alex guy.” Abby said wacing her hand in the air as she thought up of names.

Triple shit.

“Cameron and Alexander have a strict curfew, and besides we live in the middle of a freaking farm! If I was going to have a sneaky fest it would take the whole night to get out of the property.” I argued.

“Whatever, Rose, be decent and don’t be too nasty, Abigial don’t be a whore, be careful on the road.” Dad said tossing the keys to me.

So I just argued for nothing?

We sat in the rusty champane color van, which was only a two seat van with no seats just floor in the back. The clock read 11:30, it was fifteen minutes slow. Abby sat and buckled in the passanger seat and I started the engine, backed out then drove down the long dirt strip of road what we call our driveway.

“Why do I have to be tortured to have your slutty prescence with me? I’m just picking up a friend.” I complain to her.

“Dad’s orders, and you know how we can’t disobey him.” Abby barked.

I breathed out heavily as accepting dad. I don’t know what it is, but me and Abby have always been more connected to our father. One thing we had in common. We love our mother but there wasn’t much a connection which, you would normally think would be reveresed.

“So…” Abby itched on a subject. “Who did you fuck last night?”

Quadrouple shit.

My heart sped, my mind raced.

“I won’t tell mom and dad, you didn’t tell them about me.” She actually sounded sincere…what kind of whichcraft is she using?

I cocked an eyebrow and kept glancing at her contiplating whether or not I should be honest.

“You swear on your goddamn life?” I say.

“Slut’s honor.” She said holding up her right hand.

Rolling my eyes I came clean. “Alexander.”

“That gray skinned pae dude?” she shockingly asked.

“Yes.” I admit.

Her eyes were confused. “How is he so pale? And his features are striking, I never meant he was ugly, but how in the hell is he so damn hot?”

I chuckled deciding to come clean abouteverythingI said, “Alexander’s a vampire.”

Her eyes were wide and she barely whispered, “What?”

“He is a vampire, welcome to my secret world Abby.” I say.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the fuck? How is he a vampire? What’s happening Rose?” she franctically asked.

“His brother Kendall is going to play a game on us. Tonight. I need Julia’s help. And I never thought I would say this, but I guess I need your help to.” I admit.

“What kind of game?” she asked.

“I don’t know, I’m not sure if Alexander even knows.” I confess. “All I know is that Kendall will have a trap.”

“Who is Kendall?” she asked.

“His brother, well they considered each other brothers, but I guess not anymore, but Kendall just wants my blood, and Alexander knows Kendall would do anything to get what he wants.” I explain.

Abby sunk in her seat was face-palming, and was sweating. “So are you saying that this ‘game’ will probably be life-threatening?”

“More like ending.” I said.

I pulled up into Julia’s driveway and left the van running, I ran to the door, and her mother answered.

“Oh, hello Rose! Julia will b right down, do you want to come in?” she asked. I denied her offer and waited by on her stone steps to the door. Julia and her mother conversated briefly in the sleepover, and she finally agreed. Julia was already packed. She knew something was wrong if I had to urgently come over and ask.

Abby apparently switched seats while I was at the front door step, so she is now driving, Julia is in the passanger seat and I am kneeling on the cold metal floor of the van between the two seats. I explained as much as as I did to Abby to Julia.

“So this whole time Alexander has been a vampire?” she asked. “But he was sunlight.”

“That’s a stereotype which they use to their advantage most times.” I explain.

“So if this game is going to be very dangerous we need some man power on our side.” Julia said.

Me and Julia looked at each other. “Cameron.”

“That dude you took shopping?” Abby asked to me.

“Yeah, we had fun, but Cameron can help.” I say.

“Ok, let’s go get him then.” Abby said. “Where does he live?”

Everything my brain had locked away tight was now *poof*…gone. “I don’t know.” I admit.

“You don’t fucking know?” she snarled.

“Thankfully,” Julia input. “I know, but…it’s two hours away…” she shly whispered.

“Two hours from your house, then back is four hours, plus the thirtyminutes it took to get to your house is almost five hours, it will be four or five and the sun would have been down by the time we get home, Rose.” Abby said.

“Damn it!” I complain. Alexander’s life is in danger, I need to be prepared for anything I need to do for him.

“Well let’s hurry and get Cameron, Abby, call dad and say we’re picking up Cameron and we’re going to the coast, then we’ll have an excuse to be out all night.” I plan.

I plopped on my ass on the floor and rested my head on my knees. I know I’m not a perfect person…but with Alexander it’s like he makes me feel like I am really important.

“Everything’s going to be fine, we’ll make it out Rose.” Julia said.

“Well I can imagine the aniexty of it.” Abby said. “When I did my first time with someone, I actually did it for love. Rose, you don’t even know how much I loved this boy. He really made me feel like I was worth something. After we did it, I had a strong protection over him, like I did myself, he had a part of me. Rose, I know how you feel.”

For once Abby and I were talking, real talking, no screaming, no shouting, no insulting… a real conversation.

“Who was this boy?” I asked.

“Don’t be mad, you have no reason, this was before…Rose…” Abigial paused. “It was Tyler.”

The End

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