Chapter 5: ConfintationMature

“You have two minutes to explain yourself before I fucking kill you.” Alexander threatened.

Kendall smirked and quite chewing on his tooth pick after spliting it in half with his canines. He rose to his feet and said, “I just scared her. She doesn’t belong in the vampiryc world. So I’m not the one you should be mad at. Be mad at yourself for introducing her to the unknown. She’s easily a target with that blood and body of hers. I mean…seriously, I know I have had my decent choices in girls but, Rose….whew…wish I could just—”

“Time’s up!” Alexander screamed and he dove at Kendall.

Alexander grasped his throat, and slammed Kendall on his back. Alexander inched to Kendall’s face in a murderious tone and threatened, “You touch her, I will rip your throat out.”

Kendall, not fazed by the attack and threat chuckled and said, “You touch her, you end up killing her and you have to admit to yourself, you can’t resist her either. No matter how much you can easily lie to her, I can see right through you brother.”

Alexander grew furious, “You are no brother of mine if you speak of Rose like she is nothing but a toy you can play with.”

“And you are no real moral for choosing temptation over security.” Kendall hissed, he flipped himself to his feet and Alexander lost his grip on Kendall, arched over, staring each other down with smirks and bares of their fangs.

Alexander knew what Kendall was thinking, Kendall knew what Alexander would try to do. Kendall would solve that. Alexander has no idea when it would happen.

“You will not destroy Rose’s life. I forbid you!” Alexander shouted.

“You don’t own me.” Said Kendall. “Rose is actually something different. I think I’ll try to at least see what musk our skins would make.”

Alexander was ready to tear every limb from Kendall but something held him back, and he couldn’t pounce on Kendall at the moment, it didn’t feel like the perfect time for some reason…

Alexander roared. “Get out of my head!”

Kendall had a power to simply allow few words enter the ears or vampires and humans, he used this talent by sonic speed. A speed not even Alexander could see.

Kendall smirked, “I know, what I’ll do. A game, a very fair game, Rose and I are the players, and you are the target, how bout it?”

“No! Absolutely no games. Be serious Kendall, because I am. Don’t ever play with Rose, or you will regret everything you even thought of doing to or with her.” And with that last growl from Alexander dissapeared from the graveyard he once called home.

The End

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