Chapter 4: Another Usless Chapter of Life…I Just Don’t Have a Title For It… Or Do I?Mature

One starry Friday night, Alexander decided to come over to my bedroom suprisingly and not for a really good reason. I guess to talk, I loved talking with him. For him to tell me all about the world of what he lives in day and night. It’s like he let me into his world of impossibility but it was very much possible.

Alexander explained there were Lycans, Ghosts, and more tales which he was sure exsisted but there were too many to explain so he got down to the basics of the exsisting creatures he knew extremely well.

“Lycans are like the usual stereotypical fiction stories expressed to the public but they don’t turn on full moons, they change into when they feel like turning. But not out of anger, but they can choose to turn out of anger but it won’t trigger them immediately to change. Ghosts do exsist. Some are skeptical and some are true believers but they do in fact exsis in the world. But there is no Heavan or Hell they go to. Even though in religion there is, in reality there is not. Ghosts are due to wonder aimlessly or forwardly to watch over living humans for eternity. Ghosts are real and there is more than enough proof over the years to report the reality of the apperitions.

“The other most common one is a Nosferatu. A Nosferatu is deffinately one of the most eviliest and vilest of all creatures. They’re similar to vampires, but they cannont come into light, like we do, they don’t create new vampires, their victims just die dead, and their eyes can control human girls, rats, vampires, but their own Noferstus they cannont control, and bats. They don’t feed from human males because since Nosferatu can’t repopulate there was no real need for Nosferatu females, so they feed of the blood of female humans, and even female vampires, but they usually perfer the humans because they can’t really put up much of a fight when it comes to…” Alexander trailed off.

“ ‘To…’ what?” I encouraged him to continue his sentence.

“Nothing, just forget it. Drop the topic.” He urged.

Alexander explained to me how they created roses.

“From human sweat, tears, spit, blood, exctera the contents in the human liquid is purer than a vampire’s, because a vampire’s blood is always tampered with. So with the pureness in the human fliuids and the contaminate substances that is in the oils of vampires like our fingerprints, we can tamper with the liquid from a human into roses.” He explained then suddenly say. “Can you cry for me?”

The question caught me off guard. Sure I have a lot of things to cry about but then I wouldn’t stop until I was asleep. I knew what he wanted. For me to cry he would make a rose from the tears. He wanted to show to deminstrate what he had just explained. I shrugged in response.

“Imagine if everything good and decient in your life was gone forever. You had no way to gain it back and you have no choice but to live with regret over everything you watch because you know you can’t do anyhting about it and you won’t make a difference.” He urged.

To had had never live a life, to never meet the people you wander enternity without any reason for being in the world…

I got up from bed grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and wrote on the piece of paper. I scribbled something on it. Alexander read it and asked. “Is it that obvious?”

I nodded my head in reply. Alexander bowed his head. To imagine he lost everything.

“It’s not all bad.” He said.

I wrote on the paper.

He read it and answered, “Because of I have you. That’s why.”

I blushed bright pink. I wasn’t smiling but I can feel my face heating and my heart ramming.

“I just want to show you a rose like Kendall had.” He explained.

For just him I had cried…for one not out of sadness but out of a happy cry. He let two tears drip to the center of his palm and it formed together and blossomed into a blue rose, and the pattern on the large petals has little pastel stars spotting them. I remember Alexander explaining how blue meant mystery and I had to ask him, “Am I really mysterious?”

“Of course.” He replied. “You are worth bringing into the world of mysteries itself.”

I grinned very brightly and even though my lips are sore and sting a alittle I was proud to be smiling. It’s been awhile for me to smile.

“Goodnight, Rose, I’ll see you in the morning.” Alexander said and he leaned in and kissed my forehead, then in a nano second he was gone. I dropped to my back on my bed and held the rose to my nose. I loved this deep blue rose I held. Not because it was pretty or for the color or pattern, but because it was from Alexander. I once again is falling for someone who loves me for me. You think that when you promise someone you love them first and only, then they leave and you still love them but then someone makes you feel the same, it’s not replacing that first person but it s a  fixing up your heart kind of thing.

I continued to smile and giggle until for the first night since Tyler died, I slept through the night without any tears.


Prying my heavy eyes open I wake up for once, smiling. I get dressed and go down stairs. Big mistake.

“Oh. My. GOD!”

“Mom, let me just say I’ve been sleep deprived lately, that’s why I’ve been looking like a zombie.”

She just stood there, mouth gaping and her balled fists on the kitchen counter.

I started to stare back at her aimlessly. There was nothing to it for me, and I think I was so brain-destoying ninja like that I shocked her into a shocking state of shockingness.


On the back of my crannium I feel a palm go…PLAP!!!

It breaks my concentration of just fucking ninja-ed my mother’s mind, and I see Abigail swagger her way into the lounging room.

I eyed her so ragely my eyes felt like smoke was escaping out of them. Just her nerve to even touch me was enough to make me wanna just kill her ass.

“I have a question.” Mom said catching my attention.

“Yes?” I encouraged her.

“Why do you and Abby hate each other so much? The way y’all feel is so much more than sibling rivialry.” She asked.

“I don’t know what Abigail thinks, and I don’t wish to know. We are the complete opposite of each other.” I try to explain, but I’m not even sure why we do argue. I can’t imgaine us together, even talking to each other about a descent topic…like…shopping. “Whore and metal-emo don’t go together. That’s why mother.” I said as a final answer.

I jogged up the stairs to my floor and into my bathroom and took a quick shower. The steam fogged the atmosphere, specs dancing around me, and the moistness sticky in me throat. My hair drenched, my body slowly air-drying, I wrapped a pale blue towel around my chest and it fell to my upper thigh. I walked out the bathroom and rubbed my fingers through my wet blonde hair and held the edge of my towel with my other hand. The floor creaking and shifting with each light step I took. I opened my door had a mini heart attack.

My heart stopped for a breif second. I hurried myself in my room and slammed the door closed. Shock consumed me.

“Wh-what are you doing here, Kendall?” I asked, my hair in my face and against the door.

Suddenly Kendall was in my face nose-to-nose. My heart accelerated pace and it froze my limbs mobility.

“I can’t stop by, and say hello, to my dear brother’s love?” he asked, moving his face and it kept me into his brown-eyed gaze. His line of eye journeyed my chest and above but I kept my line of vison to his eyes and occasionally his lips. His fingers reached for the knob of the door and twisted the lock.

“Well there must be a reason you came. Nobody just drops in unannounced just to say hello. Why are you here?” I asked again.

His brown eyes darted into my eyes. The corner of his lips barely touched the tip of my lips. His hands slammed against the lock door, and my hands spread to the wall. I felt cornered.

“I don’t quite understand, what it is.” Kendall spoke. “You’re like a siren but your luring is of your blood. Though, your body and voice is something remarkable. The musk of your skin, flesh, and crimson rubies attracts me to you.”

I looked into his eyes. I can see truth, I see something that was care and bright with intrigue.

“Please don’t drink my blood.” I beg.

Kendall tilted his head more into the curve of my head and his lips grazed my cheek up to my ear where his lips touched me and his breath was very heavy and soothing in my drums.

“As much as your blood is a desire to us, I think I would rather have you sin than your precious rubies, miss siren.” He whispered in my ear. My heart ramming, smashing, and thumping against me. The adrinaline was overcoming me.

I feel his lips curve into a smile, a faint chuckle from his mouth. His hands, I hear his fingertips scraping the walls and traveling down to me. His chilling hands, hard and cool like marble, came to my bare shoulders, and traced my arms. He reached my hands and his fingers played with mine. His face turning around mine, his hands quickly grasped my wrists and pinned me to the wall. His lips heavily kissed my neck, right on my pulse.


I fluttered my eyes. I felt cold. I was under my thin blankets in my damp towel and my head rested on a soaked pillow. I gasped and jumped, sitting up in my bed. I breathe heavy and worryily. Cold hands cupped my shoulders and I frantically out of stratlement scream and struggle weakly but then calm when I see Alexander.

I collapse in tears into his light embrace. As I wept Alexander held my head up and looked me in the eyes.

“What happened Rose?” he asked.

I stuttered my words, then I clearly said, “Kendall…he was here, he scared me.” I collapsed again into his torso.

“What did he do to you?” the tone in Alexander’s voice, it was protective, harsh, and like a roar or an animal.

“All I remember is him pinning me against the door and he kissed my neck, I past out after that. I don’t know what he did after that.” I admitted.

Alexander cradled me and hugged me tighter and I sobbed into his shoulder. “Don’t worry, Rose, I will settle this with Kendall but are you alright? Do you hurt anywhere? Also did he say anything to you?”

“All I remember he said was “your blood is desire to us”.” I stated.

Alexander’s face softened, and grew uneasy.

“What’s wrong? What does Kendall mean by ‘us’?” I asked.

Alexander nodded his head and brought me back into his embrace. “Rose, please get dressed, and I’ll be back in at most five minutes, I don’t want you to catch a cold.” Then he dissapeared from underneath my arms.

The End

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