Chapter 3: S**t My Friends SayMature

“You have to believe me!” Alexander shouted. I crossed my arm over my torso which supported my other arm resting on it while it was bent upwards so I can tap my finger on my lip. My eyebrow was raised and I was determinning if this way true.

“You really expect me to believe that you’re a vampire, you’ve fallen in love with me, and you came tonight trying to eat my sister but mistook me for her?” I summerize. “I don’t believe it’s true you could ever mistake me for my annoying bitch. You are unbelievable at that part.” I say so casually without concern or any problem with Alexander being whatever he is.

“Rose, you have to believe me that I’m a vampire!” he tried to convince me. “It’s all true. Everything I had just told you. Now, I know it’s hard to deny it but—”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.’ I cut him off. “I never said you weren’t a vampire, you just needed to leave out the “mistaking me for my sister” shit.” I said.

“So you had me arguing with you whether I am a vampire or not for about ten minutes, and all I needed to do was correct the mistake?” Aleander asked.

I nodded casually as my answer.

“You are definitely a different kind of girl.” He commented.

Shrugging I said, “Yeah, but I had never thought of being a girl.”

“Why is that?”

“I didn’t want to be treated like a girl in the first place, I wanted to be treated like a person. And being who I am allows people to treat me how they want to be treated, one of two, left alone, or wanting to fuck.” I explained.

“And this isallhumans you meet?” he asked.

“No, at first Cameron was one and now, we’re cool with each other. Julia and I became instant friends just by her letting me in. So not every human is that way but they mostly are in those two catergories.” Again I explain.

“Nice to see you don’t experience meeting people with greater problems.” Alexander told. “I’ve seen the whole world, and it’s amazing how you witness all this, but you can’t do anything about it. It makes you feel that instead of the hurting people who are in pain, because you live with that memory and knowing you did nothing to stop it, it’s awful.”

“How old are you anyway? And where did you come from?”

“Two thousand and forty-six years old. I also am from originally Jerluslum.” He replied.

I thought for the math of time and dates of any events and one stood out. “You were alive, to watch Son die.”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Oh, my. You saw…Jesus…die. Before your eyes.” I commented.

Alexander shoved it off and said, “But overall, I really do  hope to be around you, as much of the night and day I can get and I would need your permission.”

To see me, whenever he wanted and spend most of the night and some day with me? I can’t really consider what may happen and what may not happen with a situation that’s not typical.

“Wait, if you are a vampire…how could you be out in sunlight?” I asked.

“That’s a stereotype. And that stereotype came from human minds. Vampires can be present in sunlight, and pretty much except that little misunderstanding everything else it true.” He explained.


What? A male voice was inside my head.

Run. You don’t  need him. I will be with you. I am bettter, and I will do so much for and with you than Alexander.

Ok, very sexy voice inside my head, you don’t decided for me and I don’t know you even the slightest.

“Alexander,” I say. “because I think you are really…strange…I also think that’s very different and I may not be prepared for everything that you would open me up to but if it’s to get away during the night then I am prepared to not be prepared for whatever the hell is in your world.”

“That’s perfect, and yes, I promise that I want to help you get away from your world. I’ve seen how terrible it is.” Alexander says.

It’s like one of the instant connection I have with a select few of people. Only Alexander…I feel that he has been through what I have experienced. If he hasn’t I don’t want him to know aboutthatyet. There’s no way I could instantly connect with another person this easily and lovingly again. It couldn’t be possible.

I dropped my head down and looked at the ground. I moved my feet and walked towards whatever. I hugged myself lightly with my arms crossed, feeling alone. Even though I had watched my feet tread me somewhere else I had tripped over them and fell on what seemed to be a dirt road. My knees had little annoying stings, and my hands felt powdery. “Damn it.” I murmered under my breath. From the corner of my vision, yellowish eyes came closer. Creeping in fast pace. It was too close to get out the way and too long for me to have the proper reaction. I covered my head uselessly and waited for the longest seconds of my life.

Suddenly my cheeks skimmed across soft, tingles of grass. Opening my eyes I was lying on my left side and facing grass, my head by a fence. My arms still currled around my head, my chest was heaving madly. My breaths were aloud and were like the screams in the night. I had felt a coolness around me like two snakes slithered around my body. One across my shoulders and the other around my waist. The longest seconds of my life were spared by these cold arms. I turned over slowly to face my savior. Alexander had me entrapped in his coiling arms. I released my arms from the protective position and they had no where to go but pass his neck. Our bodies so close it was hard to bare not kissing him.

“Thank you.” I say trying to distract my lips.

“I can see that you are going to be addicted to danger already.”

“I’m not the accident prone!”

“Riiiiiiiight.” He said sarcasitcally.

“So since youhaveto see me every chance you get, I don’t want it to seem suspicious to my parents, especially to my ass of a sister. So here’s the story:” I explain. “You are my friend Julia’s brother, she hooked us up, and you, Julia, Cameron, and I will hang out three weekends every month. This way my parents don’t worry about me with being alone with too many guys. It doesn’t matter where we go, as long as it is public, and it’s just us. Of course I will tell them that you’re a vampire, but you are not interested in me. They won’t see that although my parents will see the four of us just as teens going out to where ever in hell. Understood?” I asked.

“Every word.” Alexander assured.

“So Saturday night, which is tomorrow night, I’ll ask Cameron and Julia if they want to join us to go to this public bon fire about forty miles from the coast which is about thirty minutes away from my house.” I planned.

“How do you know about that place?” Alexander asked.

“I stole my sister’s laptop and searched her recent finds about Scotland in her history and appearently she looked up the desination of the bon fire where she would soon plan to go alone with some dude she may meet soon.” I reply.

“Wow. You just absolutely hate your sister don’t you?” Alexander asked.

“She started it since we were in middle school. She was an eighth grader, I was a sixth grader, and at the beginning of the year we’ve been at each other’s necks because she told everyone I was a ho and I had no respect for my body, so it kinda ended up as a pro because I got more attention from guys than her, then I spray painted on her homeroom wall: Abby was here!” she just got ASD, and from then on it’s been, war.” I explained.

“What is the worst thing you’ve told about your sister?” he asked curiously.

“I was with my guy friend Tyler and my sister called me a ‘fuckin-ass bitch’ so I said, ‘you can suck Tyler’s left ball and make the right ball jealous whore!’ and Tyler, he started doing pelvic thrusts and yelled, ‘You know you wanna bitch”.” I had released a little giggle at the memory. Tyler was my best friend.

We actually had a plan, to run away from everything we hated in Seattle. But when it was time to meet, he never came. I waited for four hours, just sitting on that bench by the street. Then police sirens echoed from a distance up the street. I followed the noise and there was a car wreck. I wanted to get desperately to the front to see who had gotten hurt. Then reality had knocked me to my knees in tears. Tyler was in his dad’s car, and a robber from a bank was speeding.


“Please! Please! Let me through!” I screamed pushing pass the crowd. I finally got to the front. The sight. “Oh, my god.” I sobbered. I tried to walk to him. “Ma’am, please stay behind the police stand boards.” And officer said. “No! That’s Tyler I have to be with him. Please!” he let me pass and from the shattered glass on the street to two pools of blood, to see Tyler. No, that is not Tyler. That is Tyler’s body. I fell to my knees, I covered my face with my palms and curled into a ball. I looked up from my palms. I saw Tyler’s blonde hair. I began to crawl to him. I reached out my hand and I searched for his.

As I dragged my body to his blood stained my shirt and glass russled underneath me. It doesn’t matter. I want to be the last one Tyler was with. I found his hand and brought it closer to my face.

“Please, Tyler, wake up, please. Tyler?” I asked wimpering. “Tyler? Tyler! You better wake up! Don’t leave me! Tyler do you hear my voice? Tyler open you eyes! Tyler, please!” I wept  in that stained road. I talked to him in a softer tone. “Tyler, we have our plan still. I can’t do it without. And I want you to know that I will love you. And I love how you always came to my rescue. Tyler you saved me from so many things. And I don’t know if I can survive without you.” My voice raised more dramactically. “Tyler! Please wake up! You can’t die! Tyler, my savior, you can’t die. Wake up! Open your eyes and look at me! Tyler! Please Tyler, please! Don’t die on me! How am I suppose to survive this world without you? Wake up! Please! Please! Please Tyler! I love you! Can you hear me? Tyler I love you. And please wake up!”

His hand on my face went cold, lifeless.

“NO! Tyler!”



I snapped out of my memory.

“Are you alright?” Alexander asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. Just something I remembered almost a year ago.” I reply.

“Are you sure?”

I shook my head. “Alexander, my friend, Tyler, he—he—he died. He made me so happy. We had planned to run away together, but he was in an accident. I felt the last of his warmth he had left. I had to go to thearpy for six months because I couldn’t cope, losing my friend. My doctor actually told me I shouldn’t attend his funeral. He said it was because I would go into his mental state where it would send me into an emotional breakdown. He said I suffer from PDSD from seeing his death and to see him dead again would trigger something from my brain.”

“I’m so sorry, Rose.” Alexander apologized.

“It’s ok.” I stammered from breathing back sobs. “But do you know what it’s like to fall completely in love with someone and then they die, just out of nowhere and you saw their death and there was nothing you could do about it? Feeling so helpless and wanting to do more but you couldn’t because the grief was so strong?”

He shook his head no.

“Well, Tyler was my inspiration to be a stronger person. He saved me from the world that despised me. He only wanted to best for me and that’s why I was so in love with him. So I had tried so many useless things at the time to attempt to save him or get closer to him. I tried lifting up the car. And when I couldn’t I felt that with losing Tyler it was like losing my strength. Shortly after losing him, I had been labled as emotionally ill.” I explained.

Alexander hugged me. He was comforting me on a level same as Tyler. “Rose, I can’t say I know how you feel, but I will try my absolute best to heal your wounds.”


Alexander took my home and he set me in bed. I had gathered myself enough to speak. “So tomorrow night, we go to The Coast with Julia and Cameron?”

“Yes, that perfect.” He agreed. “See you tomorrow night, Rose.”


I woke up around noon and the sun poured in from outside with the scent of light morning dew left from hours ago. I went down the stiars and was greeted by dad. “Afternoon, sweetie.” He said.

“Hi, dad.”

“So what happened last night?” he asked about to take a sip of coffee.

“What?” I asked in a panic.

“What happened last night?” he repeated. “Mom said you were shouted about some bandaid wrappers.”

“I stabbed my arm by accidently falling on a loose metal nail from the wall.” I lied.

“You alright?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine I just need to clean it twice a day and it should be healed by tomorrow.” I lied again.

“Just making sure.” He said.

“Ok,” I breifly agreed and asked, “Can I go out with three friends?”


“Cameron, Julia, and Alexander.”


“Tonight at eight.”


“At The Coast.”


“Cause I need to get away from Abby before I get arrested and sentenced to life in prison for murder.”

“Ok, be back around one ok?”

“Thank you dad.” I said.

“And excellent point about Abby.” Dad commented.

“I know right!” I agreed perking up for the morning.

“Yeah, you two are…somethin’. Poor Nanny Livingston is starting to think about quiting.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I know right, I don’t know what Abby thinks now a-days.” I act like an adult.

“Uh-huh.” Dad muttered loudly sarcastically.

I smiled.

“So how’s your head?” he asked.

I lifted up my bangs from the left side of my head.

“Yeah, she got you good.” Dad commented.

Abby had took my flatening iron and burned my forehead while I was sleeping.

“Do you see why I am the precious angel of the Mitchells?” I asked smiling innocently.

“How late where you up last night?” he asked changing topic. He didn’t want to say I was the good child because it would be conflict of interest so he cleverly avoided the question.

“I don’t know maybe three. Why?” I asked.

“Just curious. And what were you doing up that late?” he asked.

I looked down to the floor.

“Rosalina, please tell me you weren’t crying again. You know what Dr. Phil said, don’t focus on the situation cause it just brings you down even more and we don’t want a repeat of—”

“Stop!” I screamed. “Don’t say it.” I said in a more casual voice. “Just don’t go there.”

“Ok, Rose.”

“And it’s not my fault I made Dr. Phil cry, he was just emotion to my story.” I explained.

Dad raised an eyebrow. He shrugged off what he was really thinking and said, “Don’t kill your sister.”

“I’ll try.” I said.

I went up to Abby’s room. Her room filled with posters of her pop crap she loved. “What the fuck do you want?” she demanded. Looking away from her TV, MTV was her station to watch. I didn’t watch TV much as all unless 1000 Ways To Die came on.

“Just wanted to see if you had anyone up here.” I teased.

“Where were you last night?” she asked.

“On the property.” I say in truth.

“Where on the property?” Abby asked.

Shit! She knew my stratagey for lying truthfully. I hestitated on the inside but on the outside it looked like I was staring her down in a menicingly gaze. “Near by.” I came up with.

“Liar, where were you?” Abby asked getting from her bed and got in my face.

“Like I said,” I told. “Near by, and on the property. There’s no need to point fingers.” I calmly said.

She squinted her eyes at me.

“I hate you too.” I said.

She smirked. “You’re lucky but next time, I’ll bust you in the act of whatever it is. Hopefully it’s that weed deals you picked up again. If mom and dad learn your back on that shit your in deep crap.” She tested.

“Well then I have nothing to worry about.” I assure. “I’m fucking glad I’m off that shit. Like I explained it, it was a one time thing.”

“The one time you did it was five times.” Abby insulted intentionally.

“But the one time was in two days.” I said. “Two days is like one hour to me. Unless it’s something boring then it’s like two years.”

“Wow, you are such a crackhead.” Abby insulted.

“And you’re a fucking whore you burnt my forehead.” I reminded.

“You have no proof.” She dared.

I raised and eyebrow. “Your fingerprints were on it.” I said.

“You watch way to many criminal investigation shows.”

“It makes me smarter. It may have hope for you too.” I smiled.

Abby slapped me hard against my face and tackeled me to the wooden floor. I beat her neck and back with my fists, then I grabbed a handful of her red dyed hair, and yanked her head away from me and punched her cheekbone, then tossed her to the side and ran to my feet.she followed after me and we fell down the stairs and we bumped our spines on the stairs and every steps were like, thu-thu-thu-thump. When we landed on the first floor dad yelled, “Nanny Livingston! The girls are at it again!”

“You crazy American girls! What is the matter with you!” she complained as we still tried to fight. I saw her hoop earing near my nose and I reached to bite it off. Before I could tighten my teeth on her hoop Abby yanked my hair and pulled my head down to the hard wood floor. But because my teeth were still hooked to her earring I had pulled her down and headbutted her forehead. “You fuckin’ idiot!” she whined. I was about to jerk my head and rip out her earring but Nanny Livingston grabbed my arms and pulled me away from Abby.

“Rose,” Nanny Livingston said. “What happened this time?”

“Abby said I was a smartass and I said she should start being one too and she attacked me.” It was basically what happened in a short summary.

Dad walked in and observed the scene. He looked up to me. “Have fun tonight, Rose, I need a break from you two fighting.”

Dad and mom didn’t ground us for our behavior at home because if we were, we would still be in the house together and get in more fights. It was just how awsome our parents thought of solutions.

“Where are you letting this whore go tonight?” Abby asked.

“To the Coast with three friends.” Dad replied.

“What friends?” Abby asked.

“Julia, Cameron, and Alexander.” I answered.

“Dad, trust me, from experience, I can tell that their gonna fuck tonight.” Abby said. She just doesn’t like the fact I can go out with guys than with girls.

“Abby,” dad said. “Rose is a virgin.”

I put my hands on my hips and gave him a ‘are-you-kiddin’-me?’ look.

“No offense honey.” Dad apologized. He turned back to Abby, “But Rose wouldn’t do that, but you’re not.”

“But why does Rose take birth control?” Abby asked.

My eyes widened at her. Birth control? I don’t even have a condom for the guy. What the fuck was she talkin’ about birth control?

“What birth control?” dad and I asked. Only dad asked me and I asked Abby instantaniously.

“I found pills in the second story bathroom and they were almost empty.” Abby asked.

Nanny Livingston let go of my arms. I turned my head to her. She had an expression on her face that looked like something of hers was revealed.

“They’re your pills?” I asked her.

“I need a sex life too y’know!” she said stomping off. Dad, Abby, and I looked at each other my mouth agap. Things that make you, gauhhhh! We shivered off the thought from our gutter minds and went our own ways.


Tonight I dressed in white jean shorts and a brown tank top with a bronze colored jacket but the zipper started right under my breasts. I grabbed my large golden metallic colored bag and slipped on my bamboo designed flipflops with a soft foot. Alexander waited outside for me and we waited for Cameron and Julia to pull up in his car. “So,” I asked Alexander. “How you feel about tonight?”

“Aprehensive.” He admitted.

 I patted his arm. “Don’t worry it’s just us four sourrounded by a large fire on the beach. Everything is fine.” I assure him.

Alexander looked down like he was hiding his blush. He brought his head back up and, looked me in the eyes. “You look beautiful tonight.” He smiled.

I blushed and my cheeks turned hot. Cameron pulled up and Alexander and I got in the back seat.

“So, Rose, Cameron and I were thinking that we should bring a radio and play some of your music is that ok?” Julia asked. I looked to make sure I had my iPod and said it was fine. It would be boring if it was silent.

“So Alexander, where are you from?” Cameron asked as he drove. “I haven’t seen you at school.”

“I’m twenty-one. Rose and I met at the flea market this morning and she wanted to get us together.” His clever lie makes perfect sense.

“Wow, older man, Rose!” Julia commented enthusiastically.

I grinned at her comment. I noticed something about Julia. She didn’t have such a heavy accent as Cameron did. “Hey, Julia, where are you from?” I asked.

“Oh, you noticed, I don’t have that scotish accent.” She noted. She smiled, “I’m actually from Maryland but I moved here when I was five so I wasn’t a good source of American in Social Studies.

“I knew you couldn’t have been native to Scotland with those dance moves you had.” I acknowledged.

We got to the Coast and we set up. I hooked up my iPod and helped set up the chairs with Julia, while Alexander and Cameron built the fire. It didn’t take but a few minutes.

I played my BrokenCyde playlist and Schizophrenia was playing.

“How do you find these songs?” Cameron asked.

“YouTube.” I answered.

“What are you planning to do on school Monday?” Julia asked.

“Go up to some random girl and ask, if I can have my virginity back.” Cameron said sippin some of his vodka. This is one of those moments where you know you and you’re good friends are stupid in some ways.

“How, can you ask for your virginty back?” Alexander asked.

“You can unscrew a lightbulb can’t ya?” Cameron replied.

“Wait, how do you get the sperm out of her?” I asked.

“Maybe, Cameron can get it back by suckin it through a straw.” Julia suggested.

“That would be like suckin pudding through a straw.” Cameron said.

“I know how hard that is.” Alexander said taking a sip of vodka.

I looked to Alexander. I thought for a minute, raised an eyebrow and asked, “How do you know that?”

“Trust me,” he responded. “I’ve had the time in boredom to try to satisfy myself.”

Julia and I laughed. “You need to word that sentence better.” Julia commented. Wow, the hilarious shit my friends say.

“What about you, Rose, what are you doing Monday at school?” Cameron asked.

“Suck pudding through a straw.” I randomly say. “But, seriously, maybe not to cause such pleasure in American music with the other students.” I turn to Julia. “What about you?”

“I know I ain’t going to get my virginity back, that’s fo’ sure.” She kidded. “But I think I will try not to fail the last month of school.”

“What are you doing Alexander. I mean, we know you’re not in school but what are you doing?” Cameron asked.

“I work at bar in England, during night, but the owner gives me a break when I need it.” Again his lies were believable. I had to second guess myself to make sure what he told me last night, since he is so convincing.

“Nice. So was it long since you had that job?” Cameron asked.

Alexander raised a dark eyebrow. “What you mean by that?”

“Well, you have to be twenty-one to serve alcohol, and this year’s almost half over, so how long have you had the employment?” Cameron asked more clearly.

“I’ve had the job since Feburary. Before that I worked at Hot Topic.” Alexander replied.

“Thanks to Rose, I would have never known what was inside Hot Topic. They got some sick stuff in there.” Cameron commented.

I blushed lightly. To know Cameron likes the new wardrobe I feel good that I gave his life a little more umph.

“So, Julia, I actually have something to ask of you.” I said.

“Sure, whatcha got?” she offered.

“Can you pretend that Alexander is your brother?” I nervously asked.

Julia spit-taked her vodka. “Why the hell would I do that?” she screamed.

“So my parents don’t think Alexander is a creeper because he’s older than us.” I calmly said.

“I see but if my parents found out that I’m lying to your parents that you’re dating someone who is five years older than you, then you will owe me very big-ass time.” She conditioned. No threat.

The song on my iPod was one Julia and Cameron were familiar with. “No, way could you find this hot mess on your own on YouTube.” Cameron commented.

“You’d be surprised.” I say tipping my head back to take more vodka. “What’s worse is that I can sing to it.”

My eyes felt like rolling quarters on wood. My forehead felt like different wieghts were being placed and lifted off and on over and over. Suddenly everything was in threes.

“You alright Rose?” someone asked. I am too damn dizzy to give a shit who was talking.

“I f-feel like I’m shitty-ass drunk.” I mumble.

“You look like you’re dizzy.” Now I could slip into breif soberness to tell that was Cameron.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey…” Julia babbled. “Don’t be hatin’ on Rosie here.” I’m safely assuming Julia is as sober I was not too.

I got to my feet and wobbled around in sandy dry mush. I felt hands supporting me. They felt cool, strong, and hard. I flipped myself and could make out his grey pale face. I tossed my head from side to side.

“I think I know what you’re thinking.” I mumble. “What could a sexy place like me be available in a girl like this but it’s because I don’t want to repeat what happened with Tyler.” I softly grinned trying to look into Alexander’s dark greay almost black eyes.

“I could understand that Rose.” He said making me feel not alone. The moment was soft, and somewhat quiet besides the screaming of my iPod. My drunk mind took an opportunity and soft moist lips melted into eachother.

Gravity pulled me down into sand but there was a pressure on top of my body and lips never let go except to catch brief breaths. His arms slinked underneath me and cradled me into an embrace of warmth. His tongue danced with mine. I never really thought about what you were suppose to do with your tongue while french kissing but I guess that when you experience it for the first time then you let your tongue do whatever the hell it wants. I clinged my arms around his neck, removing the space between us.


(Later at night I don’t remember what the hell happened so I’m skipping to where I had my terrible hangover at home. Which reminds me…who drove?)


I swished my head from side to side on my plush fabric, most likely my pillow. I shuffled over to my left and I felt total comfort. I fluttered open my eyes and a body in black embraced me. I slowly sat up in my semi circle bed and thought about everything last night.

“Alexander?” I asked. “How did we get here? Where’s Cam and Julia? Where’s my iPod? What the fuck happened last ngiht?” I ranted uncontrolably.

“Don’t worry Rose.” Alexander explained. “Cam and Rose are home, I drove his car to his place, and I brought you here. Your iPod is on your vanity, and last night you made me the happiest vampire.”

I looked at the fireplace. I looked under the covers and to see if I still had on my underwear.

“We didn’t fuck Rose.” Alexander said.

I plopped my hands on the covers. I looked to my side and smiled at Alexander. “Thank you.”

“So are we offically together now?” he asked.

“I guess since we slept in the same bed last night.” I agreed.

Alexander turned me towards him and our faces just little inches aprat. “If I make you uncomfortable, please let me know what my boundries are.” He said.

“Just one.” I claim. “No fucking.”

“I can deal with that.” He gave in.

“Oh, my god!!!” I screamed.


“I have a killer headache. Damn. This ruins my Sunday.” I complain while Alexander just chuckles. “I hear you.”  And the chuckling stops.

“Rose, I have to go now.” Alexander says.

I look to his eyes. The most beautiful gray soothing eyes, hook me into his grasp. I felt easy with him. To know he has gone this far in just three days. Instantly for me to have that connection with him was something I hadn’t felt in a long, long while. For him to simply lay beside me, made my heart feel a slow plumiting sensation.

I nodded my head and got out of bed and followed him to the balcony. “So, when will I see where your grave is?” I asked.

“You can’t. I grew up in Jerluslium. My tomb probably caved in by now.” He said casually.

“Oh.” I said.

Alexander patted my shoulder blade. “Don’t worry, my family lives in the Eastlands Cemetery. There’s not a lot of people buried there but we managed to have our own underground graves as a house.”

“Who is in your family?” I asked.

“Not really blood kin, but Kendall and Destiny. Destiny became a vampire in 1613 A.D., Kendall in 130 A.D. We were made by the same vampire…Father Count Aramis. He was slayed in 1645 A.D.

“We’ve seen everything the whole world goes through. We’ve traveled everywhere in secret. We can’t share the truth about history because we’ll then be asked how we know of such things and then they’ll know we’re vampires and kill us. Everything most people try to figure out we already know.” He explained.

“Before you go…tell me something peole would die to know.” I begged.

“You know the Shroud of Turin?” he asked.

I nodded.

“It’s real. I’ve seen Jesus wrapped in it and the blood soak into the fabric, making his famous face. To personally see him being beaten close to death then walking and carrying his cross to his crucifiction site was unforgettable. Also Aliens exist. I’ve seen them all over the world visiting your anscestors.” He informed.

I knew it! Abby owes me my fifty dollars back for the alien theory.

“Wow, for you to see it…was it powerful?” I asked.

“If I wasn’t alive during the time, it would have meant he died for me. But he died for you…a true Christian. I followed into it. So yes, it has a major imapct on me.” He said.

I looked to my feet.

“I’ll be going now.” He said.

He left. I felt his prescence vanish within thin air. The air turned cool for the morning. I wobbled to my vanity and sat down. Oh, my god! My hair was like Medusa’s! I brushed it down and wiped my eyes out of sleepiness. Looking into that mirror…who am I? What’s my goal in life? If what I’ve done in the past is suppose to help me in my future…how does it help? Nothing good has happened.

For my Tyler, I began to cry. I tried not to think of suicide again, but when Tyler died, it was rough right to the bone. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror without crying. When I would, Tyler would be behind me and wrap his strong arms around me. I see myself alone without Tyler holding me. Alexander couldn’t replace Tyler, not ever, but he was here now, Tyler was there and long before. I can move one but I still love Tyler. I love other people but not in a relationship, just in general to have and that was Tyler. Even though we had our plan, he was number one to be around when I was sad.

I wiped my eyes clean, but were stained red and stung with fresh, dry air. My eyes stung even though dry, it felt like the soothing moist seeped out and your eyes were stripped naked for stinging air. I got to my setero and played my favorite P!NK song,Perfect. This song…made me and Tyler see so many doors to our open lives. I fell so in love with this song. It showed me that a complete stranger can hear this song and know that they are perfect to someone and help save a life.I curled into a ball and just listened to the song. It gave me a boost of confidence that Tyler would not want me to die.


It was four in the afternoon and things were too quiet for a Sunday. Abby and I weren’t allowed to go to church anymore and mom and dad were taking their afternoon naps, which I still don’t know if it’s for real or they’re fucking, I just don’t want to know at this point. But with Nanny Livingston creeping round to hide her pills it was hard to hear Abby’s steps. The air thick with tension if Abby and I were to strike at eachother. I rounded a corner of the livingroom and… empty. What was that asshole up to?

I worry how dumb she really is. I came across the closed bathroom door. I raised an eyebrow in suspision. I knocked on the door.

“WHAT?!” It was Abby.

“Whatcha doing Abigail?” I asked mockingly.

“I made a sclupture of you!” she shouted insultingly.

I giggled little not agreeing with her but because it came so quick out of her mouth.

I stuck my pointer finger in my mouth and made a realistic puking noise. “Hey!” I commented. “You made me barf alittle!”

Nanny Livingston came to me, wrapped her arms around my waist and started lifting me up and down off my feet! Oh shit! Nanny Livingston was strong! I started panicing cause my Nanny is trying the himlic monuver on me, and first of all…nannies aren’t suppose to be that strong when they can repeatidly pick you up, set you down, and pick you right back up.

“Don’t worry fragail American Girl, I save you from puking!” Nanny Livingston wrongfully claimed.

“Put me down!” I scream. She does as I say and I fall on my face on the hard wood floor. When I mean I “fell” I mean I hit that sucker so hard it hit back and gave me a bruise under my eye. Damn my cheekbones. “Damn it!” I shout in brief pain.

Nanny Livingston helped me to my feet and examined my bruise then Abby came out and stood there…for a good…solid…six seconds and this is what I hear from her big mouth: “It worries me how dumb you are.”


During dinner mom brought out lemons for sweet tea and tried to have a life lesson lecture with me while Abby was right behind her with her fists on her hips.

“…and that is how you know when to fucking stop.” Mom finished. I don’t what the hell she said but it couldn’t be good. “So when life gives you lemons…” mom purposely choose not to finish cause she wanted to see what I learn. I take lemon slice and hold it up for my good reason.

I said, “When life gives you lemons…use it to squirt lemon juice in the eyes of your enemies.” Then I aimed and squirted Abby in her face.

“Oh, my, god. I give up on you girls.” Mom threw in the towel.

“You asshole!” she complained wiping off the juice from her cheeks.

I tossed down the lemon slice and excused myself to my room. My room was cool, sweet aroma in the air, the stone floor was smooth and chilling to my soles, the curtains pulled aside to let yellow light pour in and drown my room in rays of well-litness. I let my mind drift off into it’s state where it wonders off into Lala Land. Lying on my back I went into Lala Land.

Thinking about what happened after Tyler people were saying he commited susicide with the car crash. To think he would is completely insane. He loves me, he died loving me. He and I were running away that day to just be together was something unforgettable to me.

“You never had a right to be with him!” his mother screamed at me while we were at the police station. “Because of you he’s dead! He would have never have stole my husband’s car and that man wouldn’t have hit my son!”

“I love your son!” I shouted to her. “That’s why we were running away together.”

“Think about it!” she said. “Tyler felt he had to save you from yourself so he only became insterested in you so you wouldn’t die. He didn’t give a damn about you!”

I lundged at her and we fought.



I sat up and was immeditely gulped into arms that cradled me. My chin was perfectly placed like a puzzle piece between his neck and shoulder. Feeling accompanied and comforted was a completeness that was meant to be here. I melted into his grasp.

“Rose, are you alright?” he asked.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m fine.” I assure.

“Rose,” he said his voice weary. “I don’t know if you would like to meet my family.”

I pulled away from him and said I was curious and would like to meet them but he said he didn’t agree with the idea.

“Why not?” I asked.

He tossed his head side to side, thinking out his sentence. “Well, Kendall and Destiny…they’re not even social with other vampires…they see humans as food and only food.”

“Then why did you suggest it?” I asked.

“They want to meet you and see what’s so different with you than other human girl.”

“I’m pretty sure no other sixteen year old girl has been arrested three times.” I joke.

“They want to meet you now.”

“That’s sudden.”

“I know right.”

“Sure, I’ll meet them, on one condition: I better come home with no holes in my neck.”

We chuckled little.

“So you’re ok with meeting two blood-thirsty vampires?” Alexander asked placing his strong hands on my shoulders.

“Yes, I’m actually wonder what other vampires are like.” I admitted.

“Ok, that’s fine, now let me tell you:” Alexander explained. “Kendall is a manipulater. He can be very convincing…and he can basically get away with it. So be on the guard with him. He has done things…which I don’t want to tell you because it just reveals negatives, but he has done things that I disapprove of, and he has managed to live on without being affected.”

Even though I could have a million situations rushin and out of my mind with maybe half right, there was no real telling how far Kendall would go to do something. I swallowed hard at even the most reasonable or popular thing Kendall might do, but I agreed.

Alexander hoisted me on his back and climbed onto the stone, thick, huge railing and said to hold on tight. I glued my hands together with nervous moisture and he was off. Though the experience was as though they hovered through low air, it was, again, like he never landed with a thud…or even landed at all. He seemed to be flying but his feet touched the ground. Light on their feet much? For the first thirty seconds everything was too much of a blur to concentrate on my own thoughts, and everything was just black surrounding ground. Like we went no where but felt air brush through us. My brain had eased in a headache and I closed my eyes to soften the sting. I sighed hoping it would be realivingly, but as I let it out quietly I realized we stopped and the air was still but with a tight extenstion as thought the low atmosphere was tight, stressed and stretched. It was basically hard to breathe to put in a shortened version instead of an over-written-and-hard-to-follow-William-Shakespeare-verse version. I gathered my vision, and when objects were intact with ones instead of threes or fours, I straightened my legs until they touched solid ground in a field of grass, twigs, and dead, decaying matter, then released Alexander from around his neck and shoulders. I skimmed the scene…graves lined in no pariticular order and one grave with a false wooden cover. Alexander lifted it up from being bolted down into the ground like it was an empty can of soda on the ground. He propped it against a grave stone that read:Here Lies Olivia O’Harris, Beloved Young Daughter, Who Had The Kindest Soul, R.I.P. 1613

Olivia O’Harris…young daughter…strange Alexander, Kendall, and Destiny would choose a young girl’s grave to dig out and disturb for their shook me by the year Olivia died. I steadied over and peaked down. Below was concrete floor and stone walls and Alexander extending a hand for me to take.

“Careful,” he cautioned. “It’s an eight foot drop.”

“Haven’t you heard the stereotype: ‘white people can’t jump’?” I asked retorically. “I fit that. Very well. Except off stairs.” I kept adding.

“Don’t worry…” Alexander assured. “I’ll catch you, just drop straight down and you’ll be fine.”

I stiffined my limbs and dropped myself down and I in three seconds I was stopped shortly before hitting the ground. Alexander held my thighs in his arms while I was still straight up and stiff. He held me there and looked up to me. “Told you.” He smirked playfully. “Put me down.” I say and he placed me where my feet were flat on the hard floor. He unbent from my thigh level and his smile was glad. He turned his head to further down a hall of stone with entrances to other rooms of gray dark stone. At the end of the hall were two figures. One small, fragile and boney where her skin was stretched over her tiny bones and shadowed. The other…oh…my…fucking…god!

Strong faced, somewhat thin lips but still full and closed, his nose cute, his eyes narrow but still large in a child way, his hair brown and shaggy but neat and strands and clumps were very close to covering his eyes, skin light like off-white cream, his clothing, black low v-neck that was shy above his gray-blueish toned pants, white mid-sleeve jacket that looked ripped and bruned at the edges of the sleeves around his elbows, his shoes black boots, and he had a brown band around his wrist and a gold ring on his thumb. I was taken back at how a vampire could be almost as perfect as Alexander. Two very different vampires…who knew there could be two totally different looking and be sexy in their own way? The little figure stepped forward out of the shadows and her blonde-white hair was long to her waist, she wore a slim black shirt and black cotton sweat pants and she was barefoot. Her jacket was black leather and she had her scrawny hands in her over-sized pockets. Her skin pale but rosey cheeks were soft pink and her eyes were a light green like a lime green leaf, but they were dark underneath like bags.

I edged behind Alexander since they seem to want to drain me dry like a mokey would eye an orange.

“So…” the vampire said. “This is the Rosalina, I’ve heard about.” His voice familiar and intellegent sounding.

“Yes, I am Rosalina.” I announce half behind Alexander.

“Don’t worry, we just had dinner so there’s nothing to fear…” the little girl assured then destroyed it. “But you do have a tastey scent like saccharine powder.”

Damn. This little girl was smart and her tone threateningly playful in a way. I swallowed hard down my throat and came more open just inches away from Alexander.“Should I take it as a compliment?” I ask her nervously. Beads of apprehensive sweat slid down my forehead like I had just ran a fucking mile. Long mile. Kendall titled his head and as I was to wipe the nasty hot sweat from my face a hand was touching my forehead.

I backed away from being scared from the sudden move, Kendall gripped my dainty wrist and pulled me up striaght. It happened in such fast, fluid timing it was too perfect to be possible. His strong large hand slid down the outline of my face to my chin where at the center of his palm was a lavender rose blossom. He held it to my eyes but I didn’t take it. It looked to fragail, delicate, and softly petaled.

“Why lavender?” I ask. I admit I don’t know the exact rose colors that exsist or their meanings, but lavender was a soft, soothing flower…no wonder they say lavender in the laundry commercials instead of just purple.

While I was thinking about laundry and that I needed to do mine the atomosphere had thickened greatly, between Alexander and Kendall and I was directly between them.

“I’ll explain later.” Alexander growled through his clentched teeth like a territorial dog. Kendall still had the lavender rose to me and its blossom was uplifting. The color was just a characteristic I didn’t comprehend.

“Oh c’mon, Alexander!” Kendall complained in a fast harsh voice almost like a demon. “You’re the one who brought her here.” His voice softer in volume but not in attitude and mock. “Why not let her be comfortable? After all, Destiny and I would have to get used to her scent since it’s so very strong even without the slightest spect of fresh rubies from her veins.” His voice waslike it was in agony yet it was welcoming in a converting state his voice was on. Like Jesus had a woman and man’s voice when he spoke all his lines like the man would say one line then the woman would say the next line and so on.

The air was still tense but it loosened little. Destiny came inbetween Kendall and Alexander and asked me a random question.

“Are you susicidal?” her voice serious but still had a child sound.

The question took me back a step. It was like a poisonous needle into my hearta and the vemon spreads through me and makes each one of my tissue fibers numb. My throat was tight and I couldn’t reply unless I could manage it out. If I say yes, she’ll ask why. If I say no it would be a lie and who knows what Destiny might do to me if she finds out I lie to her face.

“Yes.” I managed out in a croak.

“And what is the reason why you are? Let me guess.” She insisted. I just reamined quiet. “Someone you deeply loved, died in front of your eyes. You didn’t see what happened at first but then you ran, you saw his face, and you screamed for him to come back, but in reality he never did. You knew that at the time when you held his hand but you just didn’t want to admit it. Am I wrong?”

I began to cry gently. No stammers or loud sobs but it was just wetting my face.   “You are dead right.” I confess.

“Destiny!” Alexander shouted. “Did you not hear Kendall? He said to make Rosalina comfortable.”

Destiny had a look of somewhat regret but then it’s like she wanted me to cry. The way I had saw Tyler die was a tragic event for me when we were just at our point of happiness. Kendall had wiped my tear into his palm with the lavender rose and it turned into a soft bright yellow. The once lavender rose turned into a yellow rose. This time Kendall offered it to me with out words. He was silent for most of the time. Never really spoke so far. The yellow rose generated warmth to my cold pale palm and it comforted me.

“The yellow rose means, ‘I Care’.” Kendall explained and grinned sweetly to me. He may have been three inches taller but it seemed his eyes were truly smiling at me. Even though his body was slender he was strong in muscle. And it seemed in his mind too because I felt captivated by his action. I stepped back not out of rudeness but because I felt too close to him. I skimmed my fingertips over the rose petals and its warmth was as though I laid in the sun for a day.

“Thank you.” I say.

“Rose,” Kendall spoke. “Vampires, have a talent that human legends choose to ignore. With a pure liquid from a human, a vampire can use that liquid to turn it to a different color rose to any they see fit.”

“Really?” I retorically asked. It was taking me on intrest how legends keep truth away from vampires. “What else do legends hide from humans?” I really wondered.

“Besides being able to walk in sunlight and create roses, vampires can also die in a certain way. Besides the classic with a cross, holy water, we can die in sunlight but for us to die in sunlight we would have to be in an oasis and the closest one here is Evermore Oasis in England. Once we step foot in an oasis while the sun it up we will turn to ash and sink to the bottom.” Kendall explained.

“I see.” I say to show I was following since I’m probably having a dumb expression on my face.

“But we aren’t saying we are perfect ammune to sunlight. If the sun is out we just feel warmth like humans mostly do but if the temperature is up to eighty degrees then we can burst into flames and die.” Alexander put in.

“It’s almost two in the morning. You should propably get Rosalina home now.” Kendall said.

“I probably should since it seems we need to eat again soon.” Alexander agreed taking my hand and lifted me up to the ground and I climbed out onto grass. Alexander was up on the surface immedately and put me on my feet as I was just about to push my upper body off the grass from crawling out with my arms. He put me on his back and in three seconds we were back on my bed.

“So what does the colors mean?” I ask Alexander while we laid in my bedon the dark violet colors. He went over the colors and he listed them well and told me what they had meant.

Red: Romantic and Abiding Love, Affection, True Love, I Love You, Honest Beauty, Passion.

Dark Red: Deep Passion, Dying Love

Light Pink: Gentleness, Joy, Grace, Harmony

Pink: Elegance, Admiration for Beauty, Sweetness

Bright Pink: Appreciation, Gratitude

Lavender: Love At First Sight, Wonder, Impossibility, Splendor

Purple: Enchantment, Opulence

Dark Purple: Desire to Lust

Blue: Mystery, Extraordinaryily Wonderful, Ambiguity

Turquoise: Calm, Fertility, Self-Respect, Constant High Spirit

White: Purity, Innocent, Wedding, Honor, Everlasting Love, Rememberance

Yellow: I Care, Friendship, Undisturbable Joy, Delight, Warmth, Remember Me

Gold: Waiting, Good Luck, Welcome, Promise of New Beginning

Peach: Modesty, Sincerity, Thankfullness, Great Cheer

Orange: Great Fascination, Desire of Passion, Enthusisam, Urge, Pride

Black: Sorrow, Goodbye, Mortality, Beginning, Courage, Death of Love


I was beginning to wonder if this would start a major love triangle I am in. Lavender …love at first sight. Could Kendall really be in love with me? It can’t be possible for him. Alexander… I admit, I do like you a lot than what my mind is telling me. When I saw you…that was when I should’ve gave you a lavender rose. Instant connection…I haven’t had it in a long while.  Even with Tyler…it more than a few days but when Alexander came to me that night, I was glad to see who he was. That was the instant connection I loved with guys. But to myself opinion for myself I see myself as expendable after a short time. But with Alexander, I would say he would know after over two thousand years what he wants for in a woman. Everything I have. Alexander left shortly after explaining the color meanings.

I took a short shower afterwards when Julia and I were done texting. Ughhh. I dressed in grey baggy sweat pants and a black tank top. My blonde dyed hair was wet and drapped one third of my back.

I pulled the covers over my feezing body and began to cry. Eventually I cried myself to sleep. 

The End

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