Love Kills (Chapter 1: Night)Mature

A novel I am currently stuck on, it's immature yet mature, idk how to describe it exactly
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The blood ran warm inside his body. Making it mouthwatering and desirable. The night breezy espescially when you’re on a roof of a two-story liquior store. It had taken hours to get here. The travel it takes to not make Scotland the major envornment for people to be killed. At least it draws away the slayers from finding our graves. I only do it for us. Especially Destiny. She hates her life after death. She never had the heart for it. It was always mistaken how we live but we do have remorse somewhere deep down in us. We were once humans too. It’s just a matter of survival really in my own opinon. I hate it too.

So much hate in the world. And for humans to think we don’t see it it nonsense.

Putting my hand to my heart, I sighed heavily hoping to die once more again. Only permentatly. To want that normal life again was torturous to even have even low hope for that miracle.

Too much time has been wasted greatly.

Fangs sinking into the meaty and soft flesh was creamy and addictive. Well, I suppose it’s not much of an addiction if it’s really a basic need. But it is a sick, twisted need. Swallowing mouthfuls of blood were satisfying the hunger for me. Draining humans like bathtubs drain water, fast, simple, and gone. It felt like creamy bagle toppings brushing down my throat quinching it’s lusting thirst. Then the body went limp, lifeless, and like the water, gone. Then when the last gulp was swallowed down my throat, I let go and it fell to the street of England.

It’s three o’clock. Dawn was coming soon, I have to get back to my grave and check if Kendall and Destiny are back safe and full. It would be tomorrow that we see if the new arrivals in Scotland were worthy of dying short on their move.

Using vampiric speed I should be back in Scotland in less than an hour.

The End

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