Love is like chocolateMature

Im 16 and just starting to understand that love is like chocolate. Sweet and amazing... and then u gain five pounds because u ate 6 bars of the crap. dont get me wrong i dont consider myself an excpert or anything its look at that sexy ass.

                                                         My latino blood was pumping through my veins like a rollar coaster making my adrenaline go crazy. This is what running does to me. I have to run if i don't I think I might die! Im think. I'm only six-teen so I wouldn't exactly kknow all that medical crap and knowledge shit they keep shoving down my throat at school. I'm never gonna need to know this stuff anyway so why even bother. I'm going to be a famous fashion designer and go all over the world not giving a fuck who I step on to get what I want and need. Mama says its not practical to think crazy thoughts. love you dearly but no one gives a left nut what you think, well except for her mental clients. Whatever brings home the bacon. Hmmm... Bacon.  I love pig ass,  just wakes you up in the morning with a big smack to the face yelling I'm here and I want you to eat me! Sorry about the rtambling its just I met this really hot guy at my soccer game and I'm hooked on him like those three year olds are hooked on phonix.

The End

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