Love is just an Illusion

Love is an illusion that we have created and abused.

    Fire rains down from the heavens upon their world, burning it to ash. Roses wilt, trees burst into flames, animals become skeletons, and the ground becomes nothing but flames. Their once grand and beautiful world is no more. She has left him confused and lost, like a coyote who has been split from his pack. He walks among the fire and flames, allowing it to consume him, but he will not die. He refuses to give up, pressing onward he tries, his goal set. A one way road he now travels, he cannot back off now, she returns to reclaim him or not, he waits. Smoke chokes the air as everything burns..never ending.

     He is lost within this world, he is lost within himself. Which way is left? Which way is right? North becomes South as East becomes West. She'll never understand what this boys feels, she may think she does...but she is wrong. Why does it matter to her though? She got what she wanted and he got what he deserved. A knife through the core of his heart, so cold and sharp. Why does he wait, he could find better right? Love is just an illusion.

    A house of logs burns to the ground as pictures that once lined the walls burn and fly away into the air as gray ash. He sits alone on a cliff overlooking their world...his world. She twisted his mind, she has his heart, but what does it matter huh? He is loosing hope, but his soul screams at him to hold on. He'd much rather be dead then to live without her, yet he knows he deserves what has come down upon him. For he was unfaithful and gave into his humanly desires. He gave his gift to a wolf in sheeps clothing. Time cannot be undone, now the price must be paid.

    Bood falls from his arms, battle scars like his body. An appearance of war covers him, his eyes heavy with sorrow and guilt. This is not the life a boy wants, but it is what he has earned. Bodies dot the borders into his world, these are the final locations of men and women who told him to simply move on and abandon all hope. A knife to their hearts so they may feel his pain and agony. One cannot part with what they desperately need, no matter how hard one may try.

     She left him behind, telling him to move on, telling him she was happy without him. He gave up hope. She said she missed him and loved him, he regained some hope. Her lips brushed his as she drew him in deeper, drawing him in for the final blow. His world ignited into flames as hope was restored. But his hope was crushed just as quickly as it was formed. Does she not see that he cares? Is she blind? He feels pain just as she did, his heart his broken. He wants nothing to do with her, he wishes to find another girl and move on, fulfilling his dark desires. Yes...he wants everything to do with her, he wants to prove that he truly loves her...that he has changed for her and her alone. But she is gone, and shouting into the darkness never works.

      On the brink of insanity he walks, reality lost within fantasy. She is a curse, she has left him bound and beaten. On the brink of sanity he sleeps, she will come back...after all..she said she loved him. Right? Left and right, up to down, North and South, and yes and no. What is this that he suffers from, does she even care that he weeps for her? Does she see what has happened to him? Does she even care if he simply ends his torturous life so he can be saved?

   Rivers of molten lava flow where rivers once trickled, fire engulfs the land. The world they created burns to ash as he takes up the mantle and calls this place his own. She is loosing him as each passing day creeps by. But she doesn't care right? It's what she wanted right? Or does she dare...he is just so lost that he will never know. Look what she has done to him...isn't it just so loving? Or is this concept of love just an illusion created to steal and break the heart of lovers?

The End

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