Newbie: An inexperience brothaMature

I am Sitting here thinking, " why do my days have to be fucked up cause Eddie keeps hold on to my heart like a harp?? The phone and I answer it. The other guy on the phone ask if this was Samuel White and I said yes and asked if there was something wrong, he said yes and that I have been going out with his man for a while and wants me to stop seeing him. Right then I felt my heart just drop to the floor. Ain't this about a bitch this mutherfucker didn't tell me he a BF. He explained the fact that Eddie is attracting some of the finest looking guys out already at the local gay strip club which was right next door to Zodiac's Lounge, which is where I work. It felt like Some monster just ripped out my heart and stepped on it. After about an hour talking to his man I asked to meet me at work so I can talked to Eddie while he was there.I saw Eddie and I was pissed. I asked him why he didn't tell me that he was with the guy who called me at home? He started to making this weird dumb ass  story about how him and this guy was together for 5 years and still going strong. How is it that I was th efool0

The End

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