Coffee ShopMature

We went back to the bar and the chemistry between us 2 was like a wildfire. So I told him I get off in a few hours. I sugessted we go to my place for a little " After Party". So after the last drunk gay guy left, I was starting to clean up, when I Noticed Eddie with this big ass hard on. Luckily my other Co-worker had left cause we was at first kissing and I eventually got a hard on. So we walked back to my place after closing and we couldn't keep our hands off each other. So we got to my bedroom and that's when everything got even hotter, baby. He sucked my dick and I sucked his. He lets me put my 10.5 inch dick in his tight ass and he was riding it like it was no tommorow. After 4 straight hours of bronco ridin' sex we both went to sleep until 12pm I woke up to a note on the bed which said, " Last night was so extrodinary and I hope we could do this more often, I had to leave to go to work and I will see you tonight at work because I get off at 7pm and I will be there at 8. I was wondering, do you have a "BF" ( boyfriend )?? Because the chemistry we had last night was out of this world. Well I shall see you at Zodiac's tonight at 8pm, Sincerely yours, Eddie". DAMN, I miss him already with his Athletic body against my athletic body.

The End

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