Love Is GoodMature

This story takes plas in Stockton, California, Where I began my adventure. Little did I know what I would be getting myself into. I move to Stockton from Ann Arbor, MI. Where I was at for about 7 to 8 years. I had previously moved to Ann Arbor from Detroit after I graduated from high school. Now Lets get back to my " Epic Adventure" In Stockton, California. I had spent some time in one local Shelter until I found work at a local gay bar and eventually that lead me to getting this beautiful one bedroom apartment, which was conveniently located just down the street from the gay bar. After Awhile of working at this gay bar I noticed this " McSteamy" guy walking in the door and sits at the bar and ordered a Appletini, which was my Fave by the way. I took a couple more orders, and in my mind I was thinking, " Oh my God, I have a guy that is to die for sitting at my bar and I want to fuck the shit out of him. Granted I am single I don't want this to be a one night stand and I dont want the bar to think I am some sort of Whore", and as I was thinking this we started talking. I told him my name and he told me his name is Eddie. Right then I felt this was goin to be a lovely night. I took my break and Asked Eddie TO Dance with me, because my fave song was on "Baby Boy" by Beyonce and Sean Paul. When We got to the dance floor I started doin the Beyonce Dance and the crown stood around in amazement as I did the dance and Eddie's Dick Was on my ass like a rider on a bronco.

The End

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