Love Is Death.Mature

A story about love and death, and how one can be the reason for the other. A group of friends realise this after meeting another clang of mysterious teenagers...

Everything was dark. The moon had slipped behind the thick silver clouds the moment Evangeline rushed through the entrance of the alley, and there were no stars out tonight.

The loss of light made Evangeline feel uncomfortable. Trees on both sides covered the sky, meaning any light from the single house on the left wouldn't reach her.

Sweeping her long, jet black hair out of her face, Evangeline quickened her pace, so she could leave this tunnel quicker than usual. If those masked men hadn't been blocking the street ahead, then she wouldn't have had to come this way. But she had convinced herself that nothing could happen - it was only night, and the small town of Little Whilstlington had never been named for it's crimes. The last one Evangeline remembered was when Cody and his mates spray painted the local post office. But that was minor, and didn't hurt anybody.

Why is this alleyway so long? Evangeline thought to herself. She must be... halfway through, or something like that. The black mass was blocking up her vision. Feeling the way with her feet, she carried on through.

Forgetting about the large hole she always avoided whenever she came this way, Evangeline fell right into it. Her head smashed against the edge, while her feet got caught between a log and some large rocks, by the feel of it.

A trickle of liquid dripped down from her head and onto her lip. Unwillingly, her tongue darted out and licked it.

Evangeline nearly gagged.

There was no mistaking the taste. It was most definately blood. The coppery, thick substance stuck to her mouth, like it did when she was little and she'd just pulled out a tooth.

More droplets fell. Evangeline wondered if she'd ever get out.

An idea struck her. "Why didn't I think of this?" She muttered to herself, whilst she drew her phone from her coat pocket. She dialled the numbers she had got so used to dialling in the last three months.

Greg answered. "Eva, are you okay? You got home alright, then?"

She had promised to call him once she got back from his house.

"Not exactly." She replied grimly.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I'm stuck. Literally. You know that alley, off Dusk Street-"

"Don't tell me your in the hole! Eva, I did tell you that story about my friend Leo, didn't I? What happened when he fell in there?"

"Yes," Evangeline sighed. "Can you just get over here and pull me out, please! This place gives me the creeps."

"Sure. I'll be right there."

Greg hung up. If she was lucky, he'd be with her in two minutes.

A disruption ten metres from Evangeline caught her attention. She watched as something stirred, and a silhouette replaced the view of branches hanging from the trees.

The figure drew closer, but at the same time, Evangeline's heart pumped faster. Greg strutted, though this person walked formally, which definately ruled out the possibility of it being her boyfriend.

"Who are you?"

A deep, hoarse voice emitted from the figure. This confirmed her suspicions of the gender. It was a male.

Evangeline didn't answer.

"Gonna play that game with me, huh? Well. I suppose I'll just have to play along."

She saw a thin, skeletal face, before a white knuckled hand punched her in the nose.

Everything was dark once more, but this time, Evangeline had passed out.

Greg ran through the alley. Evangeline had called him only four minutes ago. So why wasn't she anywhere in view? He carried on sprinting, until he tripped over a piece of rubble.

Cursing under his breath, Greg lifted himself to his knees.

A terrible image filled his vision.

A girl, in her teens, was sprawled across the hole. Horizontal lines were marked across her face, which was covered in red. A pool of ruby surrounded her. Until Greg lifted his fingers to his eyes and saw that the colour was there too, he hadn't realised it was blood.

Glancing again at the girl, he took in the bruises and cuts that covered every part of her pale skin that was on show. Leaning even closer in, he noticed the words engraved onto her neck.

Love Is Death.

He recognised the girl. But only when her unique, emerald eyes glittered, did he realise it was his Evangeline.

Greg gasped in pain.

The End

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