Love is DangerousMature

A Police sergeant is killed, and her partner is on the case.


There she was. The love of his life was sitting there on the wall outside. She was basking in the sunlight. Professor Martin was watching her out of his music room window, from across the road, as he looked after his class. It was last thing on a hot Friday afternoon, and they had begun to get restless.

            As usual, Scott was doing his best to keep them entertained using his singing, guitar and piano skills. He was always a hit with the girls. He was often overshadowed by his eldest brother, Nathan, and people adored his younger sister, Mabel, but when he is on his own, he was a very special person. Scott had short, dark brown hair, with dark brown eyes set quite back in his shallow, pale face. He was slightly overweight, but had a great joy in life. He was never seen without a gold cross hanging around his neck, which he never removed. Scott wasn’t the type to miss a beat, and this occasion was no exception. He had noticed that his attention was else where.

            “Hey, who is that woman, Sir?”

            “She, Scott, is Jeni.”

            “Oh the Fiancée that you wont stop talking about!”

            “Yeah, my fiancée, she is waiting for me to come out because we are going to see my parents, she wants to meet them.”

            The class were all watching her, whilst listening to the new boy, Colin, who was providing the running commentary impersonating David Attenborough.

            “And now, quite literally, the female species, more commonly known as Jeni is sitting on a wall. If we refer to her scientific name, “Sargentis Jeniferius”, she….”

            Just then, quite suddenly she fell of the wall backwards. The class roared with laughter, even Scott and Professor Martin were laughing.

            “Oh my God! No!” exclaimed Colin, as he pushed the class aside and ran for the door. The class followed, but Scott was the first to reach Jeni. “Hurry sir, do you have your mobile?”

            “Yes, but…”

            “Give it here, now!”

            “Why? What are you doing?” he said fumbling to find his phone, and handing it over to him.

            “I’m phoning my dad, and an ambulance!”

The End

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