Chapter 3) Ready for Class

I had no idea whereabouts I was being taken but I managed to take it all in somehow. Certain rooms gave me chills or feelings, and I could sometimes sense an atmosphere about the place. This kind-although-aggresive woman introduced herself as Stella, and she described her job as being a Communication and Abilities Specialist. However, she did manage to be of some help, even though we never stayed in any one room for too long; it seemed like she wanted to quickly carry on with our tour, as if she were busy before I'd entered the building. The one room in the college that I made a sudden connection with, was what this woman told me was the college's Music Room. I felt for the doors, as she pushed them open and I could instantly smell cool air in this room. It was as if there were some windows open and calm winds were billowing about this studio.

"This room is only to be used to recreational purposes; there is a separate room in the building for actual musical classes. We allow students to come here in their own time, not for any other use." she called out to me from across the room. I must admit, although I couldn't see any instruments, I fingered each corner of the room and could just about hear the sounds that they'd make. As soon as we'd walked in the room, I heard the slightest sound of a cymbal; I had wedged myself through the door and I must have accidentally bumped into a drum kit on my way in.

"Come, Miss Edwards...we must continue,"
"Actually," I replied. "It's Delilah, please call me Delilah."
"Moving on, Miss Edwards..." Stella stated, clearly not listening to a word I'd just said. It is not hard to say that I did not want to leave this room at all, I felt there was something special about it. It wasn't the fact that I had a passion for playing the piano. It certainly wasn't the fact that I longed to learn how to play the guitar. No, I just had a strange, peculiar feeling about this room...maybe this room could give me the answers I longed for.
"Follow me, Miss Edwards, if you please," Stella called, impatiently. I heard her hold the door open and then yet again, I felt her grab my arm with a firm grip, and was led away from this heavenly room. I knew there and then that it was not going to be the last time I went in that room.

As a couple of hours passed, Stella had handed me over to another woman, who I must say, sounded much more friendly.
"Delilah, yes?" she said quietly, as I nodded. "I am Mrs Covett, but you are no longer in school, no? So please, call me Olivia" she replied, chuckling quietly to herself as she put her arm round me and led me away. "May I take it from here now, Stella?"
I heard Stella walk away in her patent shoes click-clacking across what I think may have been linoleum flooring. As Olivia kindly steered me around any sharp corners, I began to ask her some questions.

"So Olivia," I must say, it was strange to actually call a teacher by their first name. "I won't need anyone following me around and helping me, will I? I mean...I don't want any bodyguards, escorts, chaperones or anything..." Olivia laughed again; at last someone made me feel comfortable.
"Of course not deary - as you can tell, we'll do everything we can to help you and help make your learning easier - but there are some things we cannot help you with, do you understand that?" Again, I nodded. "But it seems like you kinda know how to find your way, and I've seen you feel your way through the corridors - I expect that sooner or later you'll start to feel at home here, but if you ever need help...please Delilah, do not hesitate to ask for it." 

The End

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