Chapter 2) Another World

I was 16 years old when the tutoring home lessons had finished and having the perfect examination results, I was now ready for my first day at college. It took me a while to apply and increase my chances of being accepted, what with my so-called "disability", as many people would call it. My mom was with me on the number 82 bus, and it was quite a long journey, so naturally, she saw this an as oppurtunity to have a long chat with me about whether I'd cope, and if I should ever need her or Kevin, her mobile number was blah blah blah...

"...Mom, calm down, I'll be fine, promise," I reassured her, gathering up some important college papers and stowing them away gingerly in my shoulder bag.
"OK, well I already gave mine and Kev's contact numbers to the staff at the college reception when I phoned up last we're only a phone call away. And we won't be too far as I'll be picking up Riley from school at 2 o'clock..."
"Oh, I take it his dentist appointment is for today then...ha, pity for Riley, eh,"
"Come now, Delilah, don't be so harsh on your little brother, he's only twelve for pity's sake - oh-oh here's your stop, Delilah," my mom said, panicking slightly. She pressed the STOP button near our seats and got up with me. "Now you make sure you give those papers to reception, OK?"
"Sure, sure - will do, and don't worry, Mom, I'll be fine!"

She kissed my forehead and gave me a quick hug before getting back on the bus. I waved, nervously - I couldn't exactly see where she was sitting, and I got the feeling I may have been waving to someone on the other side of the road. Never mind, haha. I strode into the college, remembering the directions my mom was telling me a few days ago. I was to walk forward through the gates onto the college grounds, and then to the left at the bulky sign which was to read "Reception this way" and then I would come to some double doors and then the Reception would be to the right, across the hallway.

Following those basic directions, I made it into the hallway and I must have been near Reception, when I heard someone call over to me.
"Excuse me? Hello, are you Miss Edwards?" a friendly female voice said aloud.
"Hello my dear - we've been expecting you... -"
"Sorry?" And that's when I felt someone tug at my jacket sleeves and I ended up having to let this woman pull me around.
"Allow me, my dear," she said, sweetly. And without further ado, I was being led around what I could only imagine to be an endlessly vast building.

The End

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