Love is Blind

Meet Delilah - a highly intelligent and ambitious young girl. She is studying at college to become a teacher of special needs children. But one thing sets Delilah apart from every other normal 16-year-old - she's had no sense of sight since she was 2 years old. The time has come for Delilah to step out into the big old world, and everything is a new experience for her...but the words on Delilah's lips are the same as everyone else in Cotterham College: "Who is Henry Colmore?"

Chapter 1) History Lesson

Some people say that the blind only see black. Some say all that is seen, is a large white open window. But this is how I see the world - full of darkness, and bad things. Some people would tell you that their only problems consisted of uneven eyebrows or a flat chest...whereas I would give absolutely anything to have their problems.

I cannot think of many words that could possibly describe my childhood; it was different, you could say that. However, everything around me has been changing recently, life itself has just turned upside down in the past year. Although I had been quite intelligent as a child, with high grades and good test results, I can guarantee that you will never come across another person like me. I don't mean to sound obnoxious, but being someone with all the brains, there was just the one thing that I never had...the gift of sight. For as long as I can remember, I have never been able to use my eyes - obviously, I can't remember what it was like as a baby, but as a young child, everything around me was a blur. Being home-schooled from age 6, I used to have to listen to audio tapes with headphones, I had people recite to me the words in my textbook. I had tutors write the answers down for me during tests and I also had some oral examinations. Growing up wasn't easy, but all the same, it wasn't difficult. But if it wasn't for the people around me helping to make my life easier, I'd still be struggling today. It wasn't until after my 14th birthday that I fully adapted to these kinds of things and all my surroundings. I never once wore dark glasses, and I had never had to use a cane either, but soon I started going out and popping down to the nearby shops on my own. Going outdoors with my parents when I was younger, my mom and dad would always tell me where we were and where we were heading. These days, whenever I go out to the shops, I know exactly where I am - I know all the corners, all the alley ways and traffic lights and zebra crossings; all the gates, fences, doors and roads. I guess you could say I was a streetwise kid, although I never went too far, and I had never gotten a taxi anywhere or caught the bus on my own, in my life.

Like I said, my younger years were a blur to me back then, and I guess they still are today, but unlike my memories, my brains never faded. Even when the tutoring lessons had ceased, I'd had particularly good grades. I can remember a few years ago, I started this journal-type thing. I had this recording cassette tape machine and although it proved a much useful contraption, I must say it became quite a bore after a couple of days. So that plan went out the window and I just decided to kind of make my own memories, make new friends and change my lifestyle - and that's about the time that everything started changing - for the better, I hope. So let's just rewind right back - not to the start, not the end.

The End

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