Love is a Trusting Rock and Climber

Picture a person. This person is strong, stable, and independent. "Like a rock" they say. This person has opinions of their own and lacks reason to turn to others for help. They can stand alone, or among other rocks unchanged. They are rigid in structure. They have "back bone" and are resilient to flimsy issues that wish-wash the weak. Tall and strong, this stable rock is trapped behind its rigidity, and yet is completely protected and nothing can get to the heart. 

But now picture another person. Make this person daring and adventurous. A climber. This person seeks great heights. Life is to live and fall in love and experience adventure. The truth is a tall order. This person desires to climb, and there stands the rock: cold and smooth and rigid. It has no cracks there is no weakness. The climber struggles. Grappling with smooth stone and hard exterior, the climber fights to have some rippling in the hard exterior, some way to get closer. 

This could mean two things: the climber needs not to meddle. This rock is too perfectly smooth and untroubled for such silly adventures, and cannot be bothered with another soul's attention. Strong and hard, a rock can never mesh to something soft.

Or the rock can realize that the world is made with more beings than just itself. The smooth exterior becomes flaw, and flawed cracks become answer. It can look at the climber: volnerable and soft, and learn from them. It can learn to be flexible, and experience life as it happens, opposed to frustration as life meanders from the correct path. It can open up and exposed cracked imperfection, and the climber strokes soft hands against hard crumble as the two push each other to new heights. 

But this is rare. The possibility the the indestructable force would ever want to expose a soft spot is slim. Then to find the climber that is devoted to find this spot, and use it to reach those heights is difficult. There is so much chance that the rock will shut out the climber and grow smooth, thus the climber falls. There is the chance the climber is afraid to fall, and never searches to find connection in the first place, leaving the rock empty. Or exploits that soft spot and it crumbles hard into irreversible pieces. 

There needs to be trust. 

Once trust is found, the climber reaches the adventure always sought after. There is perspective never before viewed that can't come from the ground. The rock will become a part of something. The rock can now be adored for all it's power, ending its time isolated in perfection.

So trust becomes the tool. Trust is the answer to soar. 

The End

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