love is a possibility

teenagers in love. maybe.

“Do you love me?” she asked, while at the same time, wondered whether or not it was actually possible to fall in love with someone after being together for only three months.  For one reason or another, she always found it difficult to admit that she had already fallen for this boy; all because she didn’t want to be judged.  Would society approve of her being this so-called in love at such a ripe age?  Jumping into his lap, she had finally decided to make the first move of the couple’s long, un-eventful day of lounging on the hideous tan colored couch; that would make a stranger want to vomit at the very sight of it; and watching episode after episode of reality television.

            “Of course I do.” he replied hastily, as if she may have asked the same question a few-too-many times before.  However, at that moment, it was as if his eyes had literally been suction-cupped to the screen, even though he had previously shown little interest to the on-going commercials just moments before.  The way in which he seemingly always chose to respond to her spontaneous, and in his opinion, unnecessary questions, was not the same way in which he would normally react to a question of this sort.

            “Baby, look at me please!” she grabbed his grubby face, which felt as if it hadn’t touched or even looked at a razor for weeks.  “How much do you love me?”  She always had this special way in prying words out of his mouth whether he wanted to answer to her silly questions or not.  She knew that he loved her; or at least she remembered how he told her hundreds of times before that he did.  Even with that being known, her stubbornness always wanted it to be said just that one more time.  After laying around all evening and being bored out of her mind, let alone on that putrid couch of his, she surprisingly grew very irritated with everything about him.

            “Babe.”  He sighed and then all of a sudden, it seemed as if he had finally decided to give in.  He surrendered, and once again, obeyed her command.  Removing his eyes mid-way through an episode of the Real World, deciding that it was only a re-run anyways, he now set his gaze upon hers.  The way in which he looked into her eyes also happened to be the same way that he always looked at her; as if she were the only person on earth that mattered to him.  He looked at her as if she was trying to cast some sort of spell on him, and without putting up a struggle, become over-powered by her mystical trance.  Every moment that he spent with her; whether she was driving, talking, napping or paying no attention at all, he was amazed by her.  Her plain blue eyes seemed to mesmerize him; like as if they were a more beautiful color of blue than any other set of blue eyes in the world.  He did this often and little did he know, she noticed. “You cannot measure how much you love someone.  The fact is, I am in love with you.  You are the first person I’ve ever loved and I pray every night that you will be my last.”

            “Good answer.”

            He laughed at her wittiness.  “Yeah, I practiced that one last night when you stayed the night at your house, and then I cried myself to sleep.”  He laughed again at his own sarcasm.

            She was sitting in his lap, straddling his waist as if they might have been doing something inappropriate.  She wrapped her pale, lifeless arms around his neck; and as always, gave her mind permission to space-out.  She thought about all of the homework she could have been doing instead of wasting her life away on the puke-colored couch.  She remembered that she had a biology test the next day and realized that the last time she thought about it, she had decided that she would rather spend time with the boy that she was pretty sure she was in love with.  She turned her attention to the obscure poster of a famous abstract painting on the wall, wondering why he would have something of this sort in his possession at all.

            She finally looked back at him, now more stressed than she had clearly been all day, and decided that he needed to make this stress go away.  She took immediate notice to his youthful looking face.  His eyes are the most magnificent color of green, and she couldn’t help but adore them.  “Would you still love me if I gained fifty pounds?”  Although she was trying to be humorous, she held a sort of seriousness in her face.

            “I’ve already fallen for who you are, and something so superficial will never change how I feel about you.”  he replied quickly once again.  He admired her face as she smiled.  That is what he lived for; to make her smile.  He then realized that once again, he had given her the answer that she was hoping for, without it being a pre-meditated one at all.  For the life of him, he couldn’t understand why a girl so amazing would be with him.  He knew how much she cared for him, and it made him feel so lucky.  His leg began to cramp as he proceeded to explain to her, “You do however, make a much better door than a window.”

            “I’m going home to do homework.” she said with a rather obvious hint of frustration as she leaped out of his lap.  She could tell that he was getting irritated by all of her questions.  Maybe society is right in this case.  Perhaps it was wrong of her to think that he was actually going to fall in love with her; and at the same time she didn’t really want to look at him for another second.

            He looked at her as if a knife had been shoved through his heart. “Oh, okay babe. Let me walk you to the door.”  He stood up and walked toward the door by which she was waiting impatiently.  With his six-foot-four body, he wrapped his arms around her as if he was never going to see her again for the rest of his life.  He wished that she would stay the night with him, and then he would be able to wake up to her face, her smile and her eyes.  At the same time however, he understood that she had stacks of homework waiting for her at home. “I love you babe.”

            “I love you too.” she said it as if she were trying to ask a question.

            “I love you more!” he responded childishly in hopes of just one more smile before she left.

            She looked at him one last time, and wondered to herself how he could say it to her so easily.  Maybe they really were in love, like she had been telling herself.  Yet in the last few minutes, she began to question her feelings all together.  She wanted to go home and sleep in her own bed all by herself.  “I thought you couldn’t measure love babe.” 

            Granting his wish, she smiled one last time and began her descent down the stair case.  Finally, after the boredom and lack of attention that she was used to, she was free. In that instant the door snapped shut behind her; and it sent a chill down her spine.  She was free, but also very alone.  It felt as if her whole life had disappeared the moment he had closed that door.  She didn’t want to leave anymore.  An epiphany hit her.  She was in love; if only he was there to see her smile then. 


The End

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