Love in the WindowMature

She glanced out the window and  placed her nose against the glass. When she noticed the fog from her breath,  she stepped back and gently drew a heart. Then the word "love". Quickly, she whipped it clean as a teacher passed her in the hallway. It was September.  It was a cold day, but the weather was still hot. She tugged her sweater to her fingertips and rustled her hair then let it set. "Love" she thought as she walked down the hall, "love". She walked up to him, and gazed into his gorgeous amber eyes.she couldn't help but melt. "Love,"  she thought as he wrapped his arms around her. She didn't want to let him go. She felt him tense and knew he had to leave. She walked down the hallway and never stopped.  All she could remember thinking was "love".

They found oxycodone in her bloodstream. In her purse,  they found a prescription bottom with her name on it. Who prescribes a teen oxycodone? It may have been from a long past surgery. They found her device and flipped over the pink case. They padded in the code, roughly unlike the graceful way her fingers used to glide across the screen. They found nothing. They went through the searches and the pictures. They found a few notes; I wish o could dream. I wish I could succeed. I wish I could love.

The End

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