Aiden laid there quietly listening to her as she shared the horrific details of her life. Softly he ran his hand up and down her arm. Her tear soaked face wet his shirt, but still he held her closer. There really wasn’t anything he could do to ease her pain. As much as he wished they weren’t, the memories were cemented in her mind. When her breathing slowed and grew even he knew she was sleeping. Carefully he extracted himself from her grip. Then covered her with the sheets, gently kissed her cheek and left the room.

            As he lay in bed alone, he couldn’t help but wonder how she survived. He was still partially shocked that she had told him everything she had. Aiden wanted to rip her from that world of hatred, wanted to let her feel loved. His last thoughts before he went to sleep were about her.

            Hours later he was nudged awake by a gentle hand. As he slowly regained consciousness, he noticed Rianne was already dressed for the day. He grabbed her hand from his shoulder and brought it to his lips. She laughed softly.

            “Good morning.” He said cheerfully.

            “Good morning sleepyhead. Ready for breakfast?”

            He sat up, keeping her hand with his, and tried to fully open his eyes. Letting go of her hand, he stretched out his arms, his back and then his legs. He kept his eyes on her as she patiently waited for him to get ready. But once he was out of bed, and she had made him promise to hurry down, she left the room. Aiden grabbed some clothes and jumped into the shower. His thoughts turned to the way she looked today. Her hair had been wet and the air around her smelt like strawberries. She must have taken a shower. He rushed himself a bit knowing that Rianne and food were downstairs.

            The second he was dressed and ready, he bolted out into the hallway. He was hurrying so much he missed a step and slid down the last three steps. With a juicy curse he tried to stand. The laugh coming from Ri embarrassed the hell out of him. Even as she made her way over to him, she couldn’t stop. Her laughter was full and unrestrained. He loved the sound above all others. But none the less he was still entirely embarrassed.

            “Are you okay?”She asked as she reached him.

            “I’m fine.”He grumbled.

            “Don’t be mad at me,” she laughed “You’re the one who fell.”

            “And you won’t let me forget it will you?”

            “I already forgot. See?” She made a serious face.

            They both laughed as they linked hands and walked into the kitchen. Aiden saw the table had already been set, with food covering the plates almost entirely. “Wow. You guys got up early.”

            “Not really honey. We just like our breakfast in the morning not in the late afternoon.”

            “Funny ma.” He walked over and kissed her cheek.

            “I thought it was. Now take a seat so we can begin.

            “You guys want anything to drink?” Rianne chimed in. he turned from his mother to her, taking in the way she casually leaned against the cabinet. She was wearing a tight white shirt with good fitting jeans, not too tight or to loose. She held a glass of orange juice in one hand, swirling it around softly as she looked at him. After looking her over a few times, he realized she was waiting for an answer.

            “Do you want a drink or not, Aiden?” She asked, smiling.

            “Uh.....yea. Thanks.”

            She turned, opening the cabinet door, and grabbed a glass. Before going to the fridge for the juice, she gently placed the glass on the counter. She quickly filled his glass and handed it to him. “Here you go.”

            He leaned his body into hers as he took what she was offering. There were only a few inches between her back and the cabinet, so he pressed into her until the two met. “Thanks.” He reached a hand around her to put the glass back on the counter. Then he placed a hand on each of her hips. She was looking up at him with an expression of confusion and desire. Taking the latter as a sign of agreement, he dipped down his head and pressed his lips to hers. Soon, her hands were around his neck, pulling him closer.

            “At hem.” The sound made both of them jump. Abruptly, Rianne took back her hands, blushing like holy hell.

            “Sorry.” She whispered over his shoulder.

            He waited for her to walk out of his arms, but instead she just looked up at him smiling. The feel of her arms going around his neck again was totally unexpected, but he moved in closer, hugger her tighter. In her ear he whispered, “I love you.” When he let her go, she smiled at him and handed him the glass.

The End

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