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Instead of ruining the moment with words, he just pulled her closer to him.

           A small sigh of satisfaction escaped her lips as she nestled her way back into his chest. He felt one of her hands crawl around to his back while the other came up to his chest right near her face. Another shiver ripped through her body.

            “Ri, you sure you don’t want to get out?” as much as he hated to let her out of his arms he had to ask.

            “I guess we should.”                      

            They stood together another minute before he finally unwrapped his arms from around her. For once, he actually hated leaving the little river. Outside the shaded water, sunlight bathed the grass. Aiden took Rianne’s hand and lead her to where he had his shirt. He sat down and motioned for her to do the same.

            She sat with her knees pulled up to her chest and her hands clasped around her legs. He was next to her in a criss-crossed position. He stretched his legs out in front of him and started to lean back.

            “You’re gonna get grass all over yourself dude.” Rianne told him.

            “Oh well.” He replied as he closed his eyes. Aiden could feel her eyes ranking over his body. He would have let her look as much as she wanted but after a minute or two, she looked away.

            When he felt her getting up, he opened his eyes. He watched as she walked over to her clothes. “You’re gonna get your clothes all wet,” he mocked

            “Does it look like I’m putting them on?”

            “With you, I can never tell Ri.”

            “Oh thanks Aiden.”

            “I didn’t mean it in a bad way.”

            She fished out the keys from her jeans’ pocket. 

            “Ri, you know I’m just playing. Don’t leave.”

            She just smiled and said, “Relax.” And before he knew it, she had left through the trees. Just when you think you’re getting through to the women, she bolts.

            Minutes later, he heard footsteps approaching. He kept his eyes closed as she knelt down beside him. He felt her squirming, and every once in a while, her skin touched his. When his curiosity had gotten the best of him he sat up and looked at what she had done. On the grass lay a blanket with her body stretched out on top. Her eyes were shut with her mouth partly open. One leg was bent up while the other was flat. Aiden fought the urge to touch her. But before he could lose his self-control, she spoke.

            Without opening her eyes she asked, “Wanna share the blanket? I could fold it out if you want.”

            “Uhhh…. Sure Ri.”

            Rianne stood up and unfolded the blanket, making it bigger. Aiden took one side and she took the other. Her body went back to the way it was before and he positioned himself on his back as well.


            Rianne moved her hand so that it covered his. “So what was up with you and Blondie the other day?” She turned her head to look at him.

            “I don’t know,” he finally answered. “ I guess I was just trying to make you jealous. I thought that maybe if you saw me with her you would admit that you love me back.”

            “Aiden you can’t be serious. Why would I be jealous of that bimbo? Any guy she gets isn’t there because he cares, he’s just looking to get lucky.”

            “Rianne I don’t know. Maybe if you thought I moved on you would realize you care and come to me.”

            “If you moved on, you moved on. I’m not going to chase you if you don’t want me anymore.”

            Aiden sat up in frustration. “That’s the thing, Ri! I do. I never stopped. I love you. I’ve been in love with you for years. I was…”

            Rianne moved before her brain could rationalize what she was doing. One second she was lying down the next she was kissing Aiden. And it wasn’t just a peck. It was a full deep meaningful kiss. Her hand found its way to his bare chest as she crept her body closer to his. After the initial shock wore off, she felt Aiden gently pull away from her. “Rianne, what are you doing?”

             “Shutting you up.” She moved herself away from Aiden until they were far enough apart that she wouldn’t be tempted to kiss him again. I’m pretty sure crossing the earth wouldn’t be able to stop the temptation. In the silence that followed the episode, she fought to push aside her thoughts of her house. She could only imagine what Tony did when he found out she wasn’t home. She hoped to the high heavens that he wouldn’t hurt her mother because of what she did. Instead of dwelling on that, she looked up at the sky and noticed how the colors were changing. The light blue had begun to fade to brighter oranges and pinks with soft purple. The sun could now be seen slipping behind the trees. Rianne took a deep breath and glanced at Aiden. He had moved so that he was lying on his back again. One of his arms was stretched out away from his body, the other hand was laid across his chest, and from his even breathing, Rianne figured he was asleep.

            He looked so welcoming like that. She shimmied over to him until they were touching. Rianne lay on her side and placed her head in the little nook where his outstretched arm met his body. Her face was right above his heart, letting her hear the soothing sound of his heartbeat. She nestled her body into his until her leg was resting on his.  The steady rhythm of his breathing calmed her fears in a way that nothing else could.  The longer she stayed like that the more she felt herself relaxing. It was like he could drain the tension straight from her body even as he slept. She may not have had a place to sleep that night, but everything was perfect. She was safe and peaceful which was a strange yet comforting feeling for her. “I love you, Aiden.” Though she knew he couldn’t hear or ever even know she said it, admitting it lifted a huge weight off her chest. She let herself fall asleep in his arms before he could wake up and take the chance away from her.

The End

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