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Rianne held the razor above her flesh. She needed to feel the pain and blood flow out. In a practiced manner, she cut her wrist. Her hand was shaking as she raised it. A single drop of blood crept its way along the blade then silently fell to the floor.  Rianne was sitting against the wall with her back to the shower. As she let the blood continued to flow from her vein she tilted her head back.  She let out a sigh of relief. To her this was heaven, a way to cope with life.  But what would aiden think of her? He’d probably freak if he saw it. Luckily, last time he either didn’t notice or got too caught up in the moment to say anything about it.

            When she was done, she cleaned the floor and the razor before she put it away. She could hear her mother arguing over the phone a few rooms away. Trouble in paradise. She raised herself up and looked in the mirror. The small bags under her eyes were starting to fade away and though she was happy, she didn’t really understand how. She’d barely gotten any sleep in the past week, if anything they should be more apparent. Whatever just enjoy it. She wondered whether or not she should check on her mother as she shut the lights and stepped into the hall. Her mother would survive without her.

            She was careful not to let the blood drip on the floor. Rianne headed to her room to pick up a few things before she left for the night. She didn’t know where she was going, but she knew she couldn’t stay here. She’d be damned if anyone treated her like that again. As quickly as she could, Rianne grabbed a change of clothes from the basket on the floor and stuffed them in a backpack. Then she grabbed her hoodie, her teddy bear and stuffed then in as well. Slipping one of the straps onto her shoulder, she stole her way down the stairs and the car. She had barely gotten everything in when her mother began screaming at her. Ignoring the screams as best she could, Rianne put the car in reverse and started to leave. As she prepared to turn left and pull out, her mother ran to the back of the car and refused to budge.

            “Mom get out of the way,” still her mother held her ground.

            “You have to stay.”

            “Damn you ma. Don’t you care at all? I’m not staying here just to be used by your boyfriend.”

            “Where are you gonna go? I’m it Rianne Elizabeth, you have no one else.”

            “If you were all I had, Ida been dead a long time ago.”

            Leaning back in her seat, she saw her mother through the side mirrors. She was slowly making her way form the center of the back windshield to the right side of the car. Once she was out of the way, Rianne would punch the gas. There was no way she was staying tonight. After a few minutes, her mother finally cleared the way as she made her way towards the drivers seat. Rianne checked her mirrors just to make sure, then left the driveway. she didn’t even look at her mother as she straightened out the wheels and put the car in drive. She was halfway down the street when looked back. Her mother was on her knees with her face in her hands and even from the distance, she could almost see her mother shaking.

            She deserved it. I did what I had to do. I’m done with this shit.

The End

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