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“AIDEN!” his mother shouted in his ear waking him.

“What ma?” he said yawning. The clock on his nightstand read 7:40 in the morning. “Ma, its Saturday. Why are you waking me up this early?”

“Remember what you told me about the visits Rianne’s mother gets? Is every time the same?” she asked almost desperately. When he failed to answer fast enough, she slightly shook his arm. “Aiden, its important!”

“I don’t know ma. She only told me about the one time.” He rolled over.

            His mother voice was now gentle. “Aiden, she was at the store getting things for tonight. If it happens every time, whenever happened is going to happen again.”

            This time he sat up. “There’s nothing I can do about it ma. She’s not even talking to me anymore.” His mother looked down at him then took her leave out of his room.

            When she left, he dragged himself from the bed over to his closet. Quickly he changed into loose jeans and a dark blue shirt. His hand reached for his cell, wanting more than anything to call her away from what she would face, but instead he pulled his hand back knowing she wouldn’t even pick up the phone.

            Frantically, he paced his room, hoping for an idea to help Rianne. An hour went by and still nothing came to him. He looked at his phone again. Aiden would call her and if she didn’t pick up, he would call and leave messages until she did.

            The dial tone rang in his ear three times before it went to message. He left one than called again. After his third try, she picked up on the second ring.

            “Aiden, right now is not the time. Please just stop calling.” Her voice was strained as if she was stressed.

            “Why don’t you come over tonight? We could talk?”

            “I can’t. I have things to do.”

            “ You can’t or you don’t wanna? You’re the one who said we should talk.”

            “And you’re the one that screwed it up. Listen I gotta go.”

            “When is he coming over?”


            “You know who.”                                   

            “What are you talking about, Aiden? You know I never have guys over.” Her exhaustion was obvious in her voice. 

            “Not you. You’re mother.”

            “I really can’t talk about his right now.” her voice lowered and somewhere in the background, she heard screaming.

            The dial tone rang in his ear. A curse was whispered under his breath. It took him a while to compose himself, but when he did, he saw his keys on his dresser. He grabbed them and sulked out of the house. Not yet sure where he was headed, he turned the car on and reversed out of the driveway onto the road. As an attempt to block out his thoughts, he cranked up the music to maximum volume.

            After aimlessly wandering for nearly two hours, Aiden managed to get himself to the road in front of the clearing. He sat in his car just staring at the trees for a long while before realizing the ignition was still on. Almost reluctantly, he turned it off.  He waited a little longer, then finally stepped from the car into the welcoming trees.

            He took his time walking to the clearing. Aiden wasn’t entirely sure why he was there. Thinking of Rianne would cause him pain and yet he ventured to the one area guaranteed to fill his mind with her. When he finally reached his destination Aiden sat down on the semi-wet grass. The sky above was a brilliant blue, without a cloud in sight. How he longed to hold Rianne in his arms and lay next to her as they watched the sky to go from blue to black. Thanks to my stupidity that’ll never happen.

            Before long, he grew restless from dwelling over his failure to woo Rianne. He got up, brushed himself off, then started pacing. There was nothing he could do for her as she was forced to once again to endure a visit from her mother’s ‘friends’. If the past repeated itself, he would go crazy. She didn’t deserve that; she deserved the same respect and love she gave to that unappreciative mother of hers.

            The more he paced, the more anxious he grew. Aiden knew Rianne would take care of herself but still he wanted to rush to her house and be her knight in shining armor. He laughed at himself. Like she would actually let me do that.

            When he passed the riverside for the millionth time, he stopped. The water had apparently gone down since the rainfall the night before. Slowly he bent down and lowered his hand to the water. It felt good against his warm skin. Aiden was tempted to go fully in, but decided against it.

The End

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