Rianne was furious when he said that. He can’t really mean it, right? He was just caught up in the moment when he said it and now he’s too proud to take it back. ****ing pride. Fifteen minutes later, the bus reached the school and everyone unboarded. She watched as he shot off into the crowd of teenagers without a moment’s hesitation or even a glance her way. She was the last to get out, taking her time getting in the building and going to her locker. She grabbed her books for the first few periods, and then settled down on the floor. As she waited for the bell to signal the beginning of the day, she turned on her ipod. The music calmed her so much she was almost asleep when the bell rang. Rianne stood up slowly, stretching out before making her way to homeroom.

            Most of the day passed the same as every other one; uneventfully. It wasn’t until fifth period that Rianne started getting anxious. Somehow, the school administrator had found a way to pack every obnoxious idiot into one class. Normally she would have Aiden there distracting her, but since the fight, she was pretty sure he still wasn’t talking to her. Lucky me! As much as she resented going to class today, Rianne stopped at her locker to get her textbook.

 When she opened it, her eyes immediately fell onto the picture of her and Aiden. It had been taken a few months ago in the clearing. That was the day he found out everything about her, the blood lust, the truth about her family. And magically he didn’t think differently of her because of it. He insisted on taking the picture “so that when things get hard, you’ll remember you always have me.” Rianne couldn’t help but smile at herself. So he cares. It doesn’t mean he loves me. The bell rang reminding her that she was now late. Shit!  She basically ran her way down the hallway.

The class was already out of control when she got there. Papers flying, curses being screamed. Good ol’ history. There was an empty seat next to Aiden, and Rianne made a mad dash for it. When she got herself settled and gathered enough resolve, she lightly tapped him on the shoulder.

“Aiden, I needa talk to you.” She watched as Mr. Guilmen walked to the front of the room, which meant class was about to begin. “Please.”

Aiden looked at her, as if trying to figure out whether to let her talk or not. When Mr. Guilmen slammed the ruler against the desk for silence, Aiden turned to face him with a disinterested look. Mr.Guilmen gave them a hard stare then walked away, shutting them up for a while.  From then on Rianne did her best to focus but couldn’t. Aiden was just about to say something.  To keep herself from totally losing it she began to doodle on her notes.

            When she was done, she looked at the picture she had drawn. It was a rose, shaded so perfectly it practically jumped off the page; the partial bloom connecting smoothly to the thorny stem that nourished it. There was a slight bend to it, giving the rose a wilted look. Rianne was so lost in thought she barely felt Aiden’s hand brush against hers. She looked at their hands. Right by them a folded paper was resting. Rianne twisted towards Aiden. His hand moving closer as their stares met. He smiled and pointed at the note. She picked it up and unfolded it.

            We’ll talk after class. Wait at the door.


            Aiden was overcome with relief when Rianne smiled as she read the note. When she was done, she looked over and nodded at him. “Ok.” She whispered. She was still smiling as she refocused on her picture. He loved her smile; it completely lit up her beautiful face. Not wanting to stare at her, he instead stared out the window.

            “Mr. Treenko do you care to pay any attention at all? Or would another failing grade suit you?” Aiden looked up at Mr. Guilmen.

“Uhhh… what?” Aiden glanced over at Rianne. She was busy writing something.

“Take notes.” She whispered.

“Miss Donavetti see me after class.”

Rianne’s head shot up. “What did I do?”

“See me after class. Continue with the backtalk and I will be forced to write you up for misconduct and not to mention you were late to class.”

Aiden was totally confused. One second Mr. Guilmen was singling him out and the next he was threatening Rianne with a detention. All she did was try to help him out. Why was that so bad? Aiden spent the rest of the period thinking about what had happened and what would happen when him and Rianne talked. Wait… Rianne had tried to help me… The thought made him smile. I guess we aren’t fighting anymore.

When the bell rang, Aiden didn’t move for the door. Instead, he stayed where he was waiting for Rianne.

“Aiden this is none of your business.” Aiden leaned back against the doorframe, staring at the wall across the hallway, while effectively ignoring Mr. Guilmen. “If you are not out of my classroom in two seconds I will personally call your parents.” Still Aiden refused to move, forcing Mr. Guilmen to continue,” Mr. Treenko this is your last warning. Either you leave now or your parents will be hearing from me and you don’t want that again, do you?” As much as Aiden wanted to stay, he couldn’t. His parents would murder him if they got another call this week.

“Sorry Rianne.” He murmured as he walked out.


As Aiden left Rianne got pissed. Mr. Guilmen had ruined their plans for talking after class. Sighing, she turned to face him. “What did I do?”

“When I ask someone a question I expect them to answer it. NOT YOU. Walking into class ten minutes late, and then having the nerve to disrupt it? Who do you think you are?” Mr. Guilmen was screaming so loud that Rianne could see his veins popping out.

“I walked in not even two minutes late. So if you’re gonna hold it against me, get the facts right. And I did not disrupt your class. There were plenty of people sleeping and talking across the room while you were teaching. I was actually taking notes and attempting to learn. How is that disrupting anything? “

“Who do you think you are young lady? I have the authority here, not you.”

“You’ll never have authority.” Rianne grabbed her textbook and calmly walked out the door. “I swear the nerve of some people. Ugh.”

“What was with all the screaming? I thought you were a good student who never disrespected a teacher?” Aiden teased.

Rianne jumped slightly; expecting him to have gone to his next class, not wait for her in the hallway. The thought made delighted her. It took a second but when she composed herself she said, “Shut up. He deserved it.” She looked up at him with a smile.

“So are we gonna walk to class or just stand here?” he asked.

“It doesn’t matter seeing as I’m gonna be called down to the main office in about ten minutes anyway.” 

“I’ll walk you down.”

Okays. But I gotta go to my locker first.” As hard as she tried to hide her smile, she couldn’t, and to be honest part of her didn’t want to. They were talking peacefully, walking together laughing, kinda like a ……couple?  

The two quietly walked down the hallway. When they got to her locker Aiden opened it then stepped aside. Not surprised in the least Rianne murmured her thanks. As she threw her book in and pulled out a notebook, she felt Aiden press his whole body up against the back of hers.  His hands found their way to her hips.  “Your welcome.” He whispered into her ear.  Rianne loved the sound of his voice in her ear and the feel of his body against hers. “Aiden, what are you doing?” She said with a smile.

“Rianne I love you.” His voice was still in her ear.

She turned her head a little and turned it to the side. When their eyes locked she said, “Please stop saying that.”


For a second Aiden was completely shocked. Squirming out of his grip, she turned her body so that they were facing each other. “We’re friends Aiden. Please don’t ruin that by lying to me.”

“I’m not lying.”

“Yes you are. You know what you’re saying isn’t true.”

“We’ve known each other forever and you still don’t trust me.  I’m not lying to you. Why don’t you believe me?”

“I’m late Aiden.”

He watched in disbelief as she stormed off. “Since when do you care about being on time?” he screamed back at her. Her locker was still wide open. Automatically his hand went up to close it but then he saw the picture taped to the back wall. It was the one of them together. How could she look at that everyday but not make the connection? The part that pissed him off the most was that he knew she loved him back. He could feel it. Whenever they were together, everything was perfect. He just didn’t get why she would deny it.

Aiden slammed her locker shut and took out his phone. If he couldn’t get Rianne to admit her feelings willingly, he was gonna make her jealous. Hopefully if she got jealous enough she would finally tell him how she truly felt. He quickly texted the cute blonde that was always flirting with him. They were going to meet up after seventh period, and if they used the right hallway Rianne would see them together.

Seeing as he was already fifteen minutes late to class, he didn’t even bother going. Instead, he went to his usual hide out behind the stairwell. Although there were teachers and people constantly walking past the area no one ever wandered back there. He sat down, leaning his back against the wall, and turned his ipod on again. He knew his phone would vibrate when blondie got out of class.

With the vibration going off in his pocket, he stood up and answered her txt. Aiden felt bad for using her, but if she got what she wanted which was to be around him, than it was win-win right? It technically wasn’t using her. He used that logic to get himself to his locker. She would be there in a few minutes. While he was alone, he took the time to think the plan through. In all the time he knew Rianne she never seemed like the jealous type. Shit! This was a really bad idea.

He opened his locker and rummaged through the notebooks and binders that would never serve their purpose. For no reason what so ever, he turned his head to the right. Rianne was coming down the hallway. He lowered his head and pretended to focus on the bottom of his locker. Before he knew it, she was right there reaching for him. Her hand felt light against his arm.


He didn’t wanna look at her. He really didn’t. “Please.” Aiden couldn’t help it but he looked. Her eyes were the deepest blue surrounded by slightly red and puffy skin. The last time he saw them like that was when she spilled about her life.

“Aiden I don’t wanna fight with you. I really don’t.” she paused as if she wasn’t sure if she should continue or not.  “Can we talk? Just me and you?”

He remained silent. Aiden could tell that she was hurt.

“If you love me the way you swear you do, then you’ll give us a chance to talk.” The way she said it was more spoken hope than challenge.

“When do you wanna talk?” He could see the relief spread across her face as soon as he spoke the words. Softly her hand squeezed his arm while she whispered her thanks.

Maybe she finally believes me.

Rianne suddenly took back her hand.  Blondie most be on her way…

“You would have thought that she would of giving up on you by now.” Rianne said as blondie stopped next to him.

The girl had definitely hiked her skirt up a few inches on her way down the hall.

“Hey Aiden.” She drawled as she took the cherry lollipop out of her mouth.

“Uh hi.” He replied.

“Why are you even here? You know he doesn’t wanna see you.” Rianne said.

“If he didn’t wanna see me than why would he text me asking if I could do something for him?” Blondie challenged.

“What?!” Rianne stared at Aiden.

“I can explain.” Aiden pleaded.

“You son of a b****. I can’t f***ing believe you.” It wasn’t Rianne’s tone or the death grip she had on his arm that made him sick to his stomach. It was her eyes; the pain in them was devastating. 

The End

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