Kevin parked in the alley next to Jill's house.  They kissed one last time.  Her warm hand touched his thigh.  He wished it could remain there forever.

     "Now, what time are you going to pick me up tomorrow morning?" she asked, in a soft, sweet, caressing whisper.  She thought about what she'd just said and laughed.  "Oh, wait a minute.  It is tomorrow morning, isn't it?  So what time are you going to pick me up?"

     "Seven o'clock."

     "That's right.  I'll be waiting, so don't be late."

     "Don't worry.  I won't."

     She jumped out of the car, slamming the door behind her.  Jill scampered like a rabbit around the hood of his car and through the gateless portal in the low stone wall that marked that portion of the Kearney's property, and leapt onto the back porch.  She paused there a moment, while she fumbled in her purse.  She found her key and unlocked the side door, and slipped like a shadow inside her house.  The future Mrs. Kevin Badger was gone.

     Twenty seconds later, a light came on in an upstairs window.  Jill's small, sleek silhouette sppeared in that square of bright, yellow light, perfectly centered, like a portrait in a frame.  Kevin watched entranced, as she disrobed and pulled on her nightgown, or whatever it was she wore to sleep at night, and shook her head, letting her long hair swirl wildly around her neck and shoulders.

     He would have gladly sat there and watched the free show, until Jill turned off her light and went to bed.  But then, he noticed a car lumbering toward him from the other end of the alley.  Kevin cursed the other driver aloud, as he shifted into reverse and pulled out of the alley, and reluctantly headed for his apartment, in the Autumn Hills section of town.  He was already counting the seconds before he could see her again.

The End

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