What was all that about?

"Hey! Hey rose! Wait up!" I continue to walk down the hallway, ignoring the person calling my name. I spot Cathy waiting for me by my locker and speed up so I can reach it sooner.

"Hey... Cathy, you... okay?" I pant, my asthma taking over again.

"Why are you asking me if I'm okay? You look aweful" a small dimple appears between her eyebrows. I know it means she's concerned, most people mistake it for frustration.

"Thanks... Cat.... I can.... always count on... you to make me... feel better"

"I'm serious, have you got your inhaler?" Cathy reaches for my bag and rumages through it looking for my inhaler. "It's not in here! Is it in your locker?"

"It should be... in there... I took it out... before class" My heart stops for a few seconds before starting again. Where could it be? It should be in there I had it when I was... "wait... I know... where it is."

"Rose, for god's sake! You dropped this, I was only trying to help" a cool voice says from behind me. I watch as Cathy's mouth drops and I instantly know who is stood behind me.

"Oliver" I give him a warm smile. I take my inhaler from his outstretched arm and instantly inhale. "Why'd you take off so soon? was it something I said?"

"No, not at all. Why d'you think that?" I give him a challenging look.

"No reason, look I'd better get back" Oliver turns to look over his shoulder at the group of boys that has formed at the end of the corridor. "See you around." he pats my shoulder and starts to walk off.

"Oliver!" he turns and smiles, my eyes instantly drop to the floor "I owe you one." I sneak another look at him.

"Oh I know" he winks "I'll think of something. Oh and Rose" I look up from the floor "you can call me Ollie you know" he strides over to the rowdy bunch of boys who cheer him and give him encouraging pats on the back.

"Ooh! Ollie now is it?" Cathy mocks.

"What? We're just Biology partners" I shrug innocently.

"Yeah, I bet you'll be more than that soon though" she says bitterly.

"What's gotten into you Cat? He's all yours, I don't want him"

"A likely story. Rosaline Victoria Lovett, we've been friends practically since birth. You can't lie to me" Woah, Cathy never uses my full name. Then again, we never fight either.

"Fine, I like him. But he's still all yours" I stuff my bag into my locker and put my inhaler in my pocket "Let's go grab some lunch. I'm starving"

The End

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