"Cathy? Cathy? HELLOOOO! Earth to Cathy!" I wave my hard infront of Cathy's face. Her head is tilted to the left and her mouth is wide open. "Cathy! If you don't snap out of it I'm going to chuck my bottle of water at you!" She turns to face me.

"What? Sorry?"

"You've been staring at Oliver for nearly 10 minutes. I think it must be a world record" I nudge her with my elbow.

"Shut up. I'm not interested in him"

"Wow. You sure had me fooled, and I'm your best friend. You should become an actress"

"Okay. Maybe I like him just a little, but not that much" she started to pick at the loose threads in her jumper.

"Just be careful okay? You and I both know that he's a player" I give Cathy a quick warm and comforting hug. "Come on, we'll be late for maths and you know how much Miss Cox hates us being late" I drag Cathy along by the hand behind me. All the time keeping quiet about how much I like Oliver too.

The End

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