Chapter I - "Wave of Memories" Part 2Mature

The middle of an argument.

"I hate you!" - shouted Natalie in anger, tears coming down her beautiful face when she lost control of herself. William stopped shouting and then he done something totally unexpected. Before she could say anything else, he kissed her. She tried to push him away, but her hands ended up on his torso, as she couldn't fight anymore with the feeling that was taking her into its warm hands. Their souls joined together in the mad dance of sudden passion. She so much wanted to be mad at him, but she couldn’t. He ended the kiss, making her take a deep breath. That kiss was so… energetic, so passionate that she was trying to catch her breath quickly.

“Lets not argue… we can talk this through…” – said William, softly stroking her face. He slowly started to kiss her tears away, one by one. He breathed in her scent when she put her head on his chest, trying to calm down her breath.

His lips next to hers. Their hearts racing. He drowned in her hazel eyes, shining with happiness. Softly, his arm went across her side, under her shirt. She could feel shivers going down her spine. Light of the candles was flickering on the wall, casting a shadow of them both. Her breath quicken as she welcomed his lips on her neck. Will was lying kiss after a kiss on her neck, shoulders and lips again. He wanted to show her that every part of her was beautiful. Every kiss was adding fuel to the fire of their passion and admiration of each other. Slowly, he took her shirt off, looking in her eyes; asking if she was alright with this. In an answer, she ran her fingers through his hair and let out a small moan when he kissed her naked shoulder, his lips coming slowly down. Natalie helped him get rid off his shirt, throwing it on the ground without even looking. The candle light was shining on her body, making Will believe that he was with an angel. With his angel. And he was about to make her his for the very first time. In no time, all the clothes were on the floor, throwing away their innocence. He stopped kissing her and looked at her.

“I love you. And you know that you can stop me…” – he didn’t got a chance to finish his sentence because she kissed him passionately.

“I trust you. And, I love you too.” – Will smiled. In the next two seconds, they became a unity, Natalie moaned loudly into his chest. That was a night full of love that even made angels jealous.

I shook my head, making a silent growling noise. All those memories were making another scar on my heart. Ironically, the best moments in my life were now hurting me. The image before my eyes went blurry as the rain mixed with tears coming down my face.

I stood up, not caring about getting soaked. The decision was made. The most painful decision in my life, but it needed to be made. To save someone I loved more than myself; Natalie.

The End

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