Chapter I - "Wave Of Memories" Part 1Mature

I ran away from the white building ignoring all the questioning looks. I could feel my heart pounding hard against my chest, heart filled with fear. Even the weather was reflecting my mood; it was pouring it down with rain. I didn’t mind though. Why should I?

My life is over anyway. But this cannot be happening to me!

I did put my hand in a fist, trying to overcome my emotions. And then something did hit me, even harder that doctor’s words. I sat on the bench, not caring about few small puddles reflecting my reflection. Closing my eyes, the reality did hit me leaving me breathless.

Natalie. How I will tell the love of my life that she will need to say final goodbye to me?

The memories did hit me as a wave, crashing the walls of hope with no mercy.

They were both sitting on the bonnet of his car. The yellow sun was slowly coming down, shining a bunch of colours. He looked at her long, black hair covering her face. Not to build any suspicions, he moved his hands slowly towards her waist. Without any warning, Natalie felt his hand tickling her side and then she heard herself laughing loudly.

“Sto… stop it!” – she yelled, tears all over her face because of laughter. Suddenly, there was a loud bang when Natalie, by mistake, kicked Will of the car.

“Oh my God, are you okay?” – he appeared slowly again.

“Yeah, I will just buy new kidney and I always have few ribs spare.” – he couldn’t hold serious look on his face and they both started giggling like little kids. Without any warning, he sat on her waist, trying to tickle her again. Their hands met in mid air and time froze with a touch of her perfect skin with his hand. Everything went silent as they looked into each other’s eyes. She was looking so beautiful with a cascade of her hair on the bonnet. Slowly, his head moved towards her. Natalie’s heart started going crazy when she felt his hot breath on her face, his closeness was making her shiver. The most magic moment happened, their lips meet in a first, innocent kiss. He kissed her slowly, as if it would all appear to be a dream after it would end. His lips touched hers gently, asking how she was feeling about it and if he should carry it on. She closed her eyes, making the feeling take her totally over. She was in another world, with him, with their dreams. Their souls hug even tighter when the kiss deepen slowly. He took her face in his hands, feeling happy as never before. She ran fingers through his hair and then she heard those three most important words when Will stop kissing her for short moment before continuing for the first time, to explore their wonderland together.

“I love you” – he said, never meaning anything more than those three words at the time. She smiled softly at him, the smile she only got for him.

“I love you too.” – that was their first kiss.


The End

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