"A fly in spiders web"Mature

Just one word can totally change your life. Welcome to a story of young William, who's life was turned upside down. Be with him during the choices he will make to try to, maybe make himself suffer more, but make people close to him be alright.

Is funny how one word, just one word, can change your life completely. Throw everything you know and like on its knees and make you think about death. And not nice and pleasant one. Pain and even more pain to the end. Slowly, I closed my eyes trying to fight with tears that were coming down. Even though I was a teenager, I felt like a defenceless baby now. The truth slapped me hard, leaving me gasping for air, gasping for hope. Just because of one stupid word!

“Cancer?” – I said, repeating the doctor in disbelief. Yes, I was feeling a little bit worse during the last weeks, but that? The doctor just nodded sadly from what I saw through my fingers. I ran them across my long, black hair trying to be occupied with anything I could. I was just staring at this man with my blue eyes, as if he would say it was just an Aprils Fools joke, that I can just normally carry on with my life.

“What are… my chances… “ – my voice went.

“To survive? – I nodded slowly, feeling like in surrealistic film – about 10% I am afraid” – the doctor said, trying to sound calm.

The blue, calming room started to spin when the boy heard that.10%... that means… 90% I will die. I don’t want to! I have so many things to do in life before… it is over…

 “I’m sorry William… “ – said the doctor when I was walking through the wooden door in his office with my hands in pockets as usual. I turned right, trying to get outside as fast as possible. Cold air will make me think more clearly. Because now, I was feeling like a fly caught in a spider web. No escape. Just facing the unquestionable fate.

The End

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