Love Hurts

Love Hurts, plain and simple.
Yes, its sometimes brings happiness. But most stories only show the good ending.
This is a story where the ending isn't so happy

My name's Cathy.

Or Catherine Summet. I'm 15 years old and was born on the 3rd April.

My target was to study and work hard towards my goal which was becoming a top scientist.

Then he stepped into my life.

His name was Oliver. He had soft eyes, was tall and was very sporty. He had his faults like most boys and at one point I thought it could work between us.

Maybe we could have a relationship. Maybe we could fall in love.

But then it happened, he jerked me around. To my face he was kind, doing the odd little tease like boys do.

But I didn't see what was beneath the surface. Behind my back he said 'he didn't like me' that 'he would never date me'.

That I was annoying, not kind to him. But I wasn't. I thought everything was fine. Everything was going the right way.

Oh boy was I wrong.


"Morning, Cathy" someone calls. I wave and smile making my way through the crowd of the packed hig school.

I almost believe I can't reach my locker. But I make it and open up my bag on the floor then my locker which is the top one.

I put in books for later and then take out the things for first, second and third period.

Then I turn around. Thump.

"Ouch" I yelp.

"Oh, sorry" I look up and my heart leaps in my cheast.

The End

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