All Good Things End

And all through it, the butterflies started to fade, and the comfortableness set in.

She knew she'd wake up to 'good morning beautiful'. He knew she loved him with all her heart.

They knew each other better than they knew themselves. They went to the movies, played video games, and spent hours making out in her bedroom. He knew how far he wanted to go; she wasn't sure she wanted to go anywhere at all.

June 21st came around again. He surprised her, took her to dinner and to the movies. They were together, and alone, and it felt completely right to her. Ever since, she's daydreamed of getting married and being together like they were that day, and of waking up to his arms around her and his voice in her ear.

Another boy came into her life. The boy loved her, she didn't love him, and her boyfriend became jealous. He doubted her when she said she only cared for him, and mistook pity for love. But she didn't notice. She was so lovestruck by him that she didn't notice that something was wrong.

He moved back to his hometown, half an hour away. She felt alone, but he told her time and time again that nothing could keep them apart and that he'd do anything to get to her.

She came close to stealing a car to get to him.

But in the middle of moving home, seeing all his family and old friends, he began to hang out with his former girl bestfriend. The girl was dating one of his bestfriends, so she wasn't worried.

Until one day she went to a concert with her friends; he hung out with the girl. When she got home at 2AM, he explained that he loved her, but felt right with the other girl. He abandoned me.

It's been two days, and I've cried almost every moment since. Nothing, not even all the consoling words and presents from my friends, can take away the pain. The pain of losing the one person who truly loved me. The pain of not feeling good enough. The pain of empty promises.

The pain of a broken heart.

He blocked me off from him in every way. And even though he's hurt me worse than all the people he said he was better than, I don't hate him. I don't resent him. Even though I said all those things, I would never hurt him. I stand by my promises. 

I want you to be happy, even if I wasn't good enough. I feel the same way that I did a week ago, a month ago, and two years ago. I guess I've won the 'who loves who more' contest that we've had so many times.

But I have one question. Are words still true, if the one who said them no longer believes them?

Maybe someday you'll read this. And maybe, just maybe, you'll keep one of your promises and write your side of our story.

I love you to the moon and back and infinity and beyond and forever and ever.

Love, Her <3

The End

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