As the days went by, the darkness in her heart started to surface. But through all the sleepless nights and routine thoughts of suicide and self-harm and of running away, he stood by her.

He promised that even if everyone else left her, he would stand by her. 

He promised that he loved her, and that he didn't want anyone else.

He promised that he wanted her to be happy.

He promised that he would never make her cry.

He promised that she was beautiful, and talented, and sweet, and amazing.

He promised her that someday he'd rescue her from her abusive family.

He promised that he wanted to marry her someday, and gave her a promise ring.

And he promised that when he said forever, he meant it.

She promised that she loved him.

She promised that she would never leave him, and that he was all she ever wanted.

She promised that she wouldn't hurt herself.

She told him her secrets.

The End

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