Love, Her

The true story of us that he'll never write.

We lived our lives entwined with each other. Every moment together is engraved in our minds, and may never fade. But he's decided that I'm not worth loving anymore, so I'm left to write the story of us alone. 

Once upon a boy and a girl met. He liked her, she liked him, and all their friends knew it. But both were too shy to make a move, so the months went on. Until one day fate decided to shove them together, forcefully and irrevocably. 

They were sitting on a couch watching a movie at youth group one night at church. It was dark, and all attention was on the movie; except for the boy's and the girl's. He moved his hand a little closer to hers, she did the same, and after many nervous heartbeats and torturous long moments, he closed his fingers around hers. She had felt love for the first time. 

Within a week, she had gotten his number from a friend, and texted him a casual, heart-thumping hello. They texted every day forward, all day, deep into the night, then early in the morning before he went to school. She was homeschooled, and spent her days with her head in a textbook and her mind with him, watching the clock for his return.

He said she was more beautiful than the most expensive diamond in the world.

Months passed this way, through the winter and spring and into the summer. Until June 21st came along, and the boy and the girl were volunteering together at a church fundraiser. Hours later, the two were tied together. It was one of the happiest days of her life.

Getting used to dating was easy; they'd been in love for months. She was afraid to tell him she loved him, but he wasn't. She met his father and stepmother, and all his step-siblings, and they shared their first kiss in the middle of a Halo game.

He met her parents, and shook their hands firmly. He turned on his natural charm and won their hearts within moments. She fell for his blond hair and blue eyes and boyish grin, as her parents watched on, fully approving.

The big steps had been taken. Each had met the family, they'd shared their first kiss, and had fallen deep in love with each other.

The End

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