Love. Hate. DeathMature

This is not based on anything true,

If you are reading this its because my remains have been found and my tape published.....

Yes, things were great. Yes, things were grand.

Things were amazing whilst being in love.  The hugs, the kisses, the long hours spent staring into her beautiful sparkling blue eyes and never wanting love to end.

But, unfortunatly, everything ends...

She told me she loved me and forever she would.  Oh why did I belive her?!

Things turned bad, and things turned glum...

I came to surprize her for our 3rd anniversary (Her favourite bouqe and chocolates in hand.) Ithiought things were lovely...  Alas thats when things turned ugly.

Opening her door to a sight most unpleasent; My dearly beloved and her other lover.

Only one thought came to mind during those few dreadful moments: kill.

Starting with her lover (So she could watch) I ended his life with my hand round his throat and my fist in his face!h

With her lover out of the way I turned to her breathing her in; That smell which used to bring comfort and happieness now only brought pain!

Seeing the terror rise up in those beautiful blue made me think that anything i do now is no where near the amount of pain she has given me. 

So I made it quick, the pillow muffled her screams and after a few minuets she stopped kicking.

I left her domain feeling hurt and guilty (Regret soon followed this).  Having nothing to live for i decieded there was only one thing to do now... Take my own life. 

Drivng to the highest nearby cliff with voice recorder in hand  and tears down my face I am unclear of wht I have one. Within 15 minuets of my depparture I reach the cliff and lunge off heading to the icy waters below...

The End

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