Chapter One Part One

Ever felt that connection with someone that causes you to lose yourself? I get that every time I look at him. And when we talk, I melt. This would all be fine and perfect if it weren't for one little thing getting in the road. The person I love is my teacher.

"Keen for PE?" Violet asks as we make our way towards the gymnasium.

"Ready to sit and do nothing if it's soccer," I laugh.

"Yeah, I'm not too keen on the idea of being hit in the head with a ball either."

Violet and I have been best friends since year seven, although it feels like a lifetime, not four years. People often ask us, or just assume, that we're sisters. It is not from our looks; her dark brown hair contrasts against my light blonde. As do her light brown eyes against my green ones. It is from our closeness that creates the illusion. Our connection.

Vie erupts into giggles as Jason, her boyfriend, tickles her from behind.

He steps to the other side of Violet and says, "You girls are so lazy. I could hear you complaining about soccer all the way from the bubbler."

"Cause' the bubblers so far," I laugh sarcastically, gesturing to the row of them just meters away.

"So, are you playing?" Vie asks him.

"Hmm," he says slowly, tapping his chin, eyes squinted as he thinks.

"What, aren't you going to sit on the stage with me?" Violet mocks playfully, pushing him away to the side.

"Nah, I won't play. Think I'll just chill with you and Jess."

"That sounds better," Vie smiles.

"I don't know, he's a strange one," I tease, smiling.

"Only as strange as you, Jessica," he replies, lightly punching me on the shoulder from behind Vie.

I nod and laugh. "True."

A smell I am all too familiar with drifts in the breeze. My attention snaps to it immediately.

"What do you guys feel like playing?" Mr. Jacobs, one of our PDHPE teachers, asks us as he falls into step beside me, making me melt.

"Basketball!" Jason and I say in unison.

I look up at him in adoration, trying not to stare too long at his gorgeous, stubbled face. And that smile...

"Basketball it is," he agrees, voice deep as he chuckles. His dark brown eyes meet mine and he smiles, triggering a grin that's always there when I'm around him.

He's been at this school for three and a half years now. It took me a while to admit to my feelings towards him after a year of them forming. However, as my feelings for him grew stronger, I couldn't deny it to myself anymore. I had to accept that I was falling for my teacher.

These forbidden feelings, even after two and a half years, are still growing every day. It hurts, falling for them and knowing it could never happen, no matter how much you want it to. That's why I make the most of every moment with him. When I finish school in just two years, I'll most likely never see him again. My chest constricts as it always does when I think of the future. A future without him in it.

The End

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