Love has no boundariesMature

Zaire Bouldeux lived a far from perfect life. Constantly bullied and harrassed, he just wished he could put an end to it all. Until one day he decided to take revenge.

Zaire Bouldeux was an unusual guy.

Nobody knew much about him except that he was a recluse and that he had one brother, who might have been only a few years older than him. Zaire himself was sixteen, bordering on the seventeen mark. People had only caught glimpses of him on rare occasions, but even those were enough to stir some gossip. Zaire’s fascinating appearance could always stop you on the spot. People would find themselves staring, even when they didn’t want to. There was something utterly compelling about the way he looked.

Enthralling eyes and his lips contoured in such a way that was both mesmerizing and strangely lethal, like they could provoke danger. Unusual that a mouth could intimidate someone so much, perhaps on their own they wouldn’t cause much trouble, but set in the face of Zaire Bouldeux, they were dynamic. It was like each of his features had been designed specifically to complement the next.

Dark brown hair styled so that one side was slightly longer than the other, cutting across the forehead, framed a pale face and high-set cheekbones. His eyes were endless seas of blue and green, flecked with fragments of gold. He could use them to his full advantage, should he wish it.

But there was one thing about Zaire Bouldeux that nobody on that street knew. No amount of gossip could decipher it, no amount of surreptitious glances could unveil it, it was a complete and utter secret. That’s how it was going to remain.

Zaire hadn’t lived a perfect life. He had his fair share of regrets. The biggest one perhaps though, was the killing of James Lucas. 

The End

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