Love, Gemini.Mature

Lindsey and Andy Boothe made a pact as children to never become what their parents had evolved to: divorced and bitter. When Andy breaks the pact and marries, Lindsey fights stay keep on her easy path of detachment.

Love: the pinnacle of all things chaotic. The clusterfuck of all clusterfucks, devoid of reason, witholding logic from the cynical. Only a foolish person wishes for it to sweep life up into its tempest and spit out the shards.

These were the very thoughts swimming through the childish brain of Lindsey Boothe as she stared at her brother in his tuxedo. He stood proudly next to the preacher, grinning like a fool. Who needed love when you had coffee and mindless sex to keep yourself occupied? It was the only comfort she had as she sat uncomfortably in the pew.

It shamed her to wonder what was seen by his eyes when he gazed moronically at his six foot tall bride-to-be. Lindsey sure as hell didn't understand it. He gave her a dopey grin, followed by a sheepish thumbs up as the wedding march began to echo in the ornate church.

Lilac and cinnamon masked the distinct odor of bleach. The smell made her nose itch mercilessly as Dana made her way down the aisle. She seemed to glow, Lindsey observed, plastering a smile on her face.

Before her stood the redefinition of the odd couple. Andy Boothe had fallen victim to the four letter word a year prior to this moment. To her dismay, he seemed completely at ease with his legalization of what Lindsey referred to as domestic disaster. He did seem happy though, and to her that was important. Even if he had broken the silly pact they had made as children, she still loved him all the same.

It seemed that every person around her was falling to this obscene ceremony of mush. Andy's wedding, though eternally special for whatever reason's need be, was the fourth she had attended in six months. The pomp and circumstance of it all was amusing to watch. Mother's wept and friends rejoiced, smiles exploded with congratulations as the two said their vows to cherish for ever and ever. The thought sickened her.

An hour later Lindsey was sitting in her tiny lipstick red car, her head tensely pushed against the steering wheel. This whole love business was sickening and it was giving her a migraine.

The End

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