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As we pulled out of the parking lot I realized that these people couldn't be my parent's first of all my parent's hate the heat so why would the be in Nevad. Second of all my parents would never agree to something like this, they hated how people would " pawn" off there children to other people, so why would they help in some thing that they didin't believe in.

" Ya know Lydia school starts in a few days, how about you and i take a trip up to the school get your classes checked out, and your schelduel."

" That sounds like fun Mrs. Glenn, I love School."

"Oh really, well what grade are you going to be enter then."

"Well at my old school i was taking a 11th grade Math and science, and Social Studies class. My other classes were at my tenth  grade, grade level. So i gues i will be taking some 12th grade classes as well. some people say it's becuase i was homeschooled"

" You must have really had to work hard to get that far'

" It was no problem  my parents always taught me that a little hard work never hurt anybody."

" Your parents sound like good people."

" Yeah they are." i said tying to hold back my tears, but it was so hard not knowing if i would ever be able to see them again."

" Lydia are you okay, did i say something that upset you."

" No i just really miss my parents, I have never been this far away from them."

"Oh Well you'll be okay dear." she gave me a smile that made me miss my mom even more because she so much reminded me of her."

 As we pulled up to the house i stared in amazement it was beatiful. with a large yard, wrap around porch, and flower's all aroud the porch, with a large flower bed out front. The house may have been white but the flower's all around it gave it  a beatiful look. When i walked through the front door it instantly felt like home. Mrs. Glenn lead  me to my room on the third floor, it was almost like an attic room but  very large and cozy.

"Mr. Glenn and i figured you want some privious being a teenager and all." i gave her a hug.

" Thank you miss Gleen this is more then i could have ever dreamed. It was also kind of you to think about privious."

Or maybe you just didn't want to see me this place has a fully bathroom mini fridge and a t.v. what more could i wont. i menatlly added.

Over The next few days we went school supply shopping and visited my school i was lucky enough to meeet all of my teachers eccept my math teacher i got my schuele,and learned that i am taking 12th grade Science,Math,and History.

I woke up the next morning excited and ready for my first day of school. I was dressed in my "trendy" clothes wearing a blue jean pair of skinny jeansa pa;e yellow shirt with peace on the front cut int to a short v neck, with sandals. My hair wasn't coroperating this morning so i put it up in a high bun with silver hooped earings. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn said i looked cute as a button, so i wasn't worried that they curves showed off that i had curves.

I rode the city bus about a block from my school then i walked the rest of the way, very happy. When i walked into the school some people were starring at me thank goodness i didn't have to ask were anythinng was because they all seemed rude. Don't they know that it isn't polite to stare.

i Walke dstraighgt to my locker, locker 316, i turned the combination and it easily opened . i looked next to me and a girl was starring at me . i turned to look at her wandering whaterery one kept looking at did i not look " trendy" enough?

" Hi I'm Lydia.."

" I'm Christina, btw i could help notice that your new here."

"Yeah i'm an exchange studen't i am living with the Glenn's"

" Oh, sweetie i am so sorry it must be terrible having to live with old people, like them."

" Actully I don't mind it it's not bad."

" Ow well would you like to come sit with me and the girl's during lunch."

When i looked up there was three perfect bleach blonde's and two red head's, all of them with straight hair. None of them  had curly long black hair like mine except christina who had straight black hair.. looking at them they all looked mean and like they had smelled something really nasty.

" Sure sounds like fun."

"Okay This is Becky, Carolin, Ashley, Victoria and Betty, let's go."

with out another word they just walked away so i followed slowly each girl left to go to her class. when i arrived at my home room ther were three girls left. Christina, and i think ashley and Victoria.

when i entered home room there was still ten minuets until class started. i sat in the middle of the class room there was hardley anyone there so i decided to write a journal of what's happened over the past few days. When i looked up there were two boys seated around me one in the front and one on my left side.

"sup cutie, I'm John" they one in front of me said.

"Hey hott stuff how's it going I'm Max and what's your name."

These were very degraging terms they were using they made me feel like and obbject instead of  a person.

"Well I'm Lydia Porter, and  I don't really like how your talking to me as if i am a shiny object instead of a human being."

"Playing hard toget just turns me on i 'll get you Lydia " said John

" Beat can't you see she doesn't want you here." the intensity of his voice mad them get up without a second glance.

"Thanks , they were getting really creepy."

" No problem"

wait a second i no that voice" Logan."

"The one and only, so you didn't think that i would show up huh?"

 I almost basically through myself into his arms giving him a hug.

" You don't know how it's been i miss my family so much then people are always starring at me it's terrible." then i quickly stepped out of the hug after realizing what i had done.

"you know peopl are only starring because your so beatiful, you know you should let your hair down."

doing as he said i let my hair fall down ringlets surronding my face.

" I didn't mean it literally but your hair does look good down."

i blushed  " thanks" i mumbled under my breath.

The rest of my day went well until i saw Christina and the girls being mean to some one and i told them to stop and then Christina said.

" Don't bother sitting with us  and if you ever try to stand up to me again your life will be a living Hell"

well logan was a better show so idecided to leave my aqquintences alone.

The End

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