As I got off of the air plane i didn't know were or how i was supposed to be looking for. " there should be an old couple near by holding a sighn with your name on it. Go to them, there good people don't worry" i reconized that voice it was the boy i met on the plane... Lawrence.... no oh i remeber Logan. Well maybe he mentioned it while i was thinking about something. As i look around i couldn't really see much besides culsters of people but then it got my eye two heads of graying hair, that must be them. walking through the crowd was difficult with my large suitcase.

   As I was walking through the airport i kept seeing boys looking at me it made me feel self consious. I had been over whelmed by the news that i had just recieved that i never noticed what i was wearing. i looked down at myself and realized that i looked really cute. I was wearing a cream colored long sleeved shirt ( that was warm and very soft), i was also wearing and short denim skirt with beige tennis shoes, and tights the same color as the shirt. My mom had always freaked out when i tried to wear skirts that were above the knee i wonder what she would do know if she saw me.

 I was glad i was able to wear something so cute but i was under the impression that Nevada was supposed to be quite hot, so why was wearing long sleeves? Maybe it was a fluke.As i aprroched the older couple i now saw that there sign read "Miss. Lydia Porter."

 I walked  up to the couple nevously not knowing what to expect, would the be nice? " Excuse me I'm Lydia Porter, You wouldn't happen to be..."  I drew a black Logan had never mentioned there names wasn't that something that I was supposed to know? " exchange parents by and change would you?"

"Well if your Lydia then were your exchange parents." the wife said with a bright smile.

"Well nice to meet you Lydia" they both gave me a hug, i gladly welcomed them it was nice to feel like your parents were right there with you.

"Well were the Glenn's, I'm Harry, and this is Margret, well Let's get going now so we don't run into to much traffic" he grabbed my suit case and started walking, I felt bad now it probly weighed close to 50 pounds, and he look so frail.

As we were walking something registered in my head there names were had i heard them before. think... those were my parents names. i used to be Lydia Glenn, could these be my parents.

The End

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