Love from Different TimesMature

     I can't remember how it strated, but the last thing that I remeber from "my life" was tucking in my lttle sister. Then my parents telling me goodnight. But the weird thing is when i woke up this morning I Wasn't in my room.

ther were many people around me in seats,the kind that you sit in when you see a play, or a movie. ost were awake but there was a young boy sitting beside me.

" Excuse me sir," I said tapping his shoulder, "but do you mind telling me were we are?"

When he turned around i was oddly shocked at how handsome he was. i myself had been told on the occasion how pretty i was, but i knew it could not compare to the beauty he had. But i was also confused by what he was wearing a black jacket with these dark pants but they look diffrent from wat people usally wore.

He smiled at me " I'm Logan."

" I'm Lydia." i said a bit hesitantly " But really were am i going?"

" Okay here is the thing sweetie heart, the year is 2008, you are a foreign exchange student from.....Scotland...but you have just recently been back there because you have traveled all ove the world . That should cover you voice. As for you clothes well you have a luggage full of things that should help you blend in with all of the " cool kids"  in Nevada. By the way that's were your going.  Oh and my lovely Lydia you are going to have to blend in so no mention of things from the 70s that most people wouldn't know to much about unless you pretend that you parents were obssesed with it then you could tlak freely about it. our you getting alll of this?"

I nodded confused by wat he was telling me how could it have been 30 years i don't get it shouldn't i be old now or something?

He leaned foward and kissed the top of my head, i wasn't paying much attention. "Then he said see you around" and left me.

The End

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