love fictions

This is Eva.Eva like most girls her age has a few crushes on some of the older boys in her school, including her art teacher Mr.Matthews.
After a wild summer with her friends,Eva returns to school and its not only her personailty thats changed.The boys in her school have all seemed to noticed her confidence boost after summer, its when her art teacher notices that the problems begin.

Never mind love triangles,this is a love square .One that you wont forget!!!!

Dear Diary,

OK.Im not sure how this goes,Sorcha said i should start writing this to get my thoughts and experiences down on paper , since i dont like talking about them.Sorchas my best friend so i always try to take her advice.

  I suppose ive changed over the past summer.Hell ive left the old Eva in the dust.My short brown  hair has grown in to lovely locks, that has passed my shoulders. I finally grew after almost two years!! Its only 5 inchs but thats enough for me.I also filled out over the sumer which means i look less like a guy now.

 I cant wait till the guys in school see me now.Like most girls i have a few crushes on some guys in my school, but none of them in my year.Theres this one guy i like in sixth year, most people think hes scary with his long hair ,the fact that hes so tall and hes quite the bad boy.Mmmmm.......

 If only John could see me now.Maybe he wouldnt have left with his parents to live in rome.I really liked him.Mum says i was to young to have a boyfriend,for gods sakes i was fourthteen and that was last summer.Its diffrent now. Im diffrent now.

The End

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