Jackson - CloserMature

Riley left me standing in the middle of the restaurant, my lips still burning with the intensity of her kiss. I knew it was no way an accident, no matter what Riley said to Julian. That kiss was heaven wrapped in between lips, and man did I want to kiss her again!

“Riley!” I called to her retreating back, “Come back here!”

By now the whole restaurant was staring at us, the children completely distracted from their game of musical chairs. Sebastian’s voice sang lustily through the chorus of “Under The Sea”, his voice accompanied by the sweeter sopranos of the mermaids.

“You got Ariel wrong!” said the voice of a little girl wearing the ‘Birthday Girl’ badge, her lips pouting, “That girl had blonde hair, and Ariel’s a redhead! At least Eric is right.”

With a jolt I realised that she was talking about us, me and Riley. She had thought that we were part of the act for the birthday party, that the kiss was staged to be right at that song. Me as Prince Eric? Kissing the blonde little mermaid? Why, the idea’s quite enticing if I do say so.

“Hphmmmm,” puffed Riley as she hurried beside me, “Damn it they left already. I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

“Really Riley?” I teased, “You know you wanted to.”

“Want is different from what is appropriate,” she told me, “For God’s sake I practically ate your face right in front of my best friend and his twin!”

“Does it matter that much Ri?” I asked her, slipped my arm around her waist to draw her closer, “Come on little mermaid, give Prince Eric another kiss.”

“What? Are you insane Jackson?” she half shrieked, “Not in front of all these kids. And we need to follow Julian and Tori before they go too far!”

“Fine, one little kiss and we follow them in my truck,” I bargained.

She nodded her head curtly and put her arms around me. I could see the posse of girls staring googly-eyed at us, their breaths held tight in anticipation of another fairytale kiss. I slipped my arms around Riley’s waist, dipped her head down as I saw people do in movies, and kissed the living life out of her. Her fingers twined around my neck, curling into my hair as she kissed me back. Finally I had to let go, standing up straight with regret.

“Jackson, don’t you dare stop now that you’ve got me started,” Riley began.

“Gotta keep it PG in here Ri, we’re in a kid’s restaurant after all,” I whispered in her ear as we walked past the kids, “Now, in my truck is a whole different story.”

She giggled, something that was very unlike Riley to do, and clutched tighter onto my arm. She smiled and hugged a few little girls as we walked past, their eyes still looking up at her with the undying devotion that they had for the little mermaid. We walked arm in arm across the car park, not feeling the chilly night air at all despite having forgotten our coats in the restaurant. I jammed the key into the backseat door of my truck, and clambered in behind Riley. She kicked off her heels and pulled her blonde hair out of its bun, letting it flow like a river of gold down her shoulders. I pulled off my tie and chucked it into the boot, and for the next few hours or so we both forgot that anyone else existed. We forgot that really we should be looking for Julian and Tori.

The End

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