I turned quickly, hurting my turns with every fourtee. Carrie stood there, studying my en point tenqine.

“Good. Stop.” She command. I did. She smiled at me rubbing my toes, which, even thourgh the pink points, I could tell where bleeding.

“My toes hurt.” I complained, even thorgh I knew the answer.

“There suppose to.” She said, smiling. “Now, I have a deal for you.”

“Oh?” I asked. I sat on the wooden floor, and took off my points. My toes where bloody, as I guessed. I let out a sigh, we weren’t even done yet.

“Okay, so I’m short on staff. And I need help with the creative movement class. And, I know you still want privet classes, right?” She said, and I nodded. “Well, would like to tech them, I’ll give privets, and you can teach. The privets are like Hurned dollars a week, so your pay will only be Three thousand a week. Is that ok?” I nodded. I needed a job, and teaching children would be fun and easy. Plus I could get out of Julian’s place.

“Hm..I think I’ll take it.” I said, wrapping my hand around my wrist were the tiny tat was.

“You sure?” I nodded. “Kay, well your class is on Wedsday at six to six thirty. You well have about twelve kids in your class. You know what to tech right?” I nodded, I had sat in on these classes before.

“Thank you so much, can I err go, I sort have dinner plans..” I said. I thought about Jackson, and how pissed he must be.

“Of course, hey who are they?” She pointed to the windows to the street, and I saw two boys. My two boys.

“Friends. Thanks.” she nodded, and dismissed me. I sighed, and put on my shoes, and found Julian and Jackson outside, scrawling at me.

“Where’s Tori?” I asked. Julian sighed.

“Waiting for us at the resonant.” He said. Jackson nodded.

“Then what do you want?” I said coldly.

“To you to chose.’ Jackson said. “Who your going to be with.”

“Well, shit.” I said.

The End

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