Riley- Other plansMature

I stood in front of the mirror in my room, putting on makeup. And silently saying this to Jackson that if I said out loud, I’d be arrested.

I looked at my jeans, skinny jeans, I wore no other jeans unless they where skinny. I sighed, and looked at my Smokey eyes. Wirer were we going? I asked myself.

I betokened my red carrageen, and checked my hair once more. I had to look my best. If I was going. But going out to dinner seemed like it was going to cause some shit to go down, and it would my fault.

I took of my skinny jeans, and put on pair of dance shirts, and took of my cardigan. I looked in the mirror, and took out my twin braids. I quickly pulled my hair back into a high bun, and smiled. Now I looked normal.

I went into my closet, and dug around in my bag. My dance shoes, and Carries number. I grabbed my En Point shoes, Toe paws and whatever was in there, and shoved it into my bag. Than I called Carrie, my old dance teacher, and my second mom.

“Hello?” Said a cool voice.

“Hi Carrie! This is Riley Jones, do you rember me?” I said.

“Of course babe! What are you calling for?” She said perky.

“Ummm..can I come down to the studio, I need to dance. And could you come and like, critic me. I need that badly.”

“Of course! I just love your dancing- I’ll be there in twenty minutes, can you be there than?”

“Yeah, I was hoping you’d say that. Thanks!” She said bye and I hung up. I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs.

Everyone was dressed up nicely, even Jackson. When I come down they gasp. Of course, I was dressed like a slut. Too bad I wasn’t going.

“Umm..where are you going?” Tori asked.

“My old dance studio. I’m done with Julian and Jackson’s shit.” I said grabbing a water.

“What do you mean?” Julian asked, grabbing my wrist. Of course.

“I need you too to get along. And I need to let off steam. So bye. Scerw you Jackson.’ I added, slamming the door.

The End

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