Love, Evilness and Other Random Stuff..Mature

Closed for HeyJude and Maggie4ever


Jackson Barker

Age: 16

Side: World Domination

Looks: Curly brown hair that always look windswept. He is tall and lean, with the body of an athlete. This is due to his intense training as a spy for World Domination. He have sparkling green eyes that always suggest he is up to some mischief.

Personality: He is a joker most of the time, and he have the most infectious laugh. However he can be serious if needed, and is extremely dedicated to the cause of World Domination."

"Riley Marie Jones

Age: 16

Side: Anti-World Demotion.

Looks: Short blond hair, always worn in a pony tail. She is smaller then most girls her age, with a big chest and is built to look muscle, which she is. She has blue eyes.

Persontily: She is sweet and funny. On a good day. Most of the time she is going around yelling at people, trying to stop her father. When she is not doing that she in training."


The End

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