Love Didn't Die

It wasn't true, he told himself. She wasn't dead...why? Because love didn't die.

It wasn't true, he told himself.  She wasn't dead...why?  Because love didn't die.  

But surely enough, he found himself at her funeral, sobbing over her lifeless corpse.  Deep down, he couldn't quite understand why he was crying.  After all, she wasn't why were ll of these people reciting lines from her favourite poems, sharing their memories of her...of how she "was."  He couldn't quite figure out the use of the past tense, either.  After all, she still "is" in his mind.  She is still alive.  

The day after the funeral was odd, although surely he didn't notice any of it.  He called her cell phone several times, hoping she wasn't giving him the silent treatment after their tiny spat that had occurred a few weeks past, when ring after ring would end in the giddy voice message.  Her voice message.  

"Hey's Steve...listen, uh...I hope you're not still mad at me...uh, I got us tickets to this me back, okay?"  

With a deep sigh, he hit END and then dialled one last time, only to find that her inbox had been filled.

"Oops," he chuckled.  "Guess she'll just have to listen to them to get her space back!"  And she would.  Why? 

Because Cara Jones isn't dead.

The End

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