Love Comes in BetweenMature

Six teens come into this world with different life stories that brings them all together. Max, Damien and Daniel; three best friends that become part of an experiment in which they have to risk their lives to save others. Yet, they still want to try and live a normal life of a teenage boy. Two of them have had their eyes on two girls, while the other has a tough time deciding whether to follow his heart or not.

Emily Ridge was walking home from school one cold night. She had volunteer at her school's  Winter Dance, something that she was now regretting because dances were not her thing. She's been telling herself that she would not let her friends push her into doing things, yet she can't say no to them. 

All she wanted right now was to get home and sleep, but that was going to be a while since she was walking. She is a pretty fast walker, the thing was that her parents make her take the "safe" path to her house, in other words the long way. They were suppose to pick her up, but they had to attend some meeting at her brother's school. Emily thought that she might take a shorter route, who would ever know. That shortcut was through the alley, which was almost always filled with hobos and drunk men. She headed towards it, how bad could it be; no guys no matter how old would be interested in a girl like her. For her, she was a simple freshmen with braces and an out of style look.

She stop halfway, there was a 1987 black Buick Regal park with a bunch of guys in it. She thought about turning around and going the long way. She really didn't think that these guys would actually want to do anything to her so she kept going, besides she was almost home. As she pass by it she kept her head down as if trying to make sure she wouldn't slip on the ice underneath her. Her heart was beating a little faster with fear, but relax after the car behind her and nothing had happen.

All of a sudden she hear a car door open and ice crunching underneath a foot. Emily increased her pace and so did the footsteps behind, they were running now. A hand grab her arm while another grab he waist.

Then she heard a whisper in her ear, "Where are you going?"

The voice sounded so raspy and the smell of alcohol was strong on this guy. Emily's heart started to freak out inside her chest, she had lost her voice, she couldn't scream for help. He turn her around, she didn't look up, but gave him a push and a kick and started running but the ice had won this race.

He grab her and got on top of her while unzipping her jacket. Emily just kept her eyes close not wanting to even glimpse at this guy, all she wanted was to get him off. He had his hands all over her now, under her shirt reaching higher and was pressing his lips against her neck. Emily kick, punch and scratch, but he wouldn't stop.

"Hold still, I don't want to hurt you," he told her. 

This didn't make sense, she knew this guy had to be drunk and probably high because of the bad stench he gave off and the words he was saying. His hand left her breast and went down her stomach to the button of her jeans. He was about to undo that button, but he stop. Emily felt him rise and she open her eyes and saw a gold cross necklace around his neck. She grab her bag, stood up and started running home.

She got home and was glad that no one was home so she wouldn't have to give an explanation about her teary eyes. She just kept on wondering why he stop, that was something she didn't expect, but was glad it happen. She remember that when he was getting up it sounded like he said something, but who knows if maybe she was just hearing things; what she did know though was that no one would ever know about this.                          


"What happen out there, why did you stop?" he said. 

"I didn't want to go through with it. Besides, she really didn't have anything to offer", the young one responded. 

"Whatever then, but you do know this means your not in," he assured the young one. "You're such a coward." 

"If you wanted to hurt her why didn't you do it yourself," said the young one.

"Hey this was for your initiation, not mine. You what I think though, I think you're a little wimp and can't even do a simple task," he said.

"Alright that's enough, let's just get out of here," said the driver. He started the car and headed down the icy road. 

"I want out," said the young one.    

The End

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