Back in

 Its the near end of second semester and I've finnaly adjusted to this harsh studying habit , but one things for sure , I was back in love , in love with some one from my forgotten past 

   I met a girl named Deola , she was beautiful with , short hair , brown bright eyes , smooth skin . She wasn't the tallest in the class but she was the perfect girl for me , she was kind, smart , funny , cheerful and thoughtful . she was understanding , she was the perfect girl , we we're childhood friends , we we're classmates during nursery or kinder , I was fallen for her , we are friends along with her other friends . I wasn't the only on who liked her ...there was my friend , but I'de rather not mention his name , so lets call him dolf , "Dolf" are close friends with Deola but he doesn't hang out with Deola as he used to ...........

The End

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